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The appropriation of the 2017 National Budget

Posted by Admin on Thu, Feb 23 2017 11:16:00
The budget speech was by far well appropriated according to critics, as it was tabulated with almost no point of orders raised concerning it specifically by the House. Particular focus was the appropriation of a lion's share to young people as they constitute the largest population group in the country. Here are the facts.

A leader with presidential ambition

Posted by Admin on Thu, Feb 23 2017 10:30:00
It takes dreaming and working hard to achieve the most unbelievable of dreams. Kwandile Skhosana has seen and experienced life in different variations and none of his obstacles shook him so as to knock him down. He introduces himself as the prospective president of S.A everywhere he goes and works hard everyday to make that goal a reality. Talk about ambition!

For the love of money

Posted by Kim Barlow on Wed, Feb 22 2017 09:00:00
Today Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan will deliver his 6th budget speech address outlining the plans for year. We take a look at highlights from the 2016 budget and what to expect for budget 2017.

An intervention to instill hope

Posted by Admin on Mon, Feb 20 2017 10:32:00
Helping young people rediscover the importance of being educated. Tsoga Youth Foundation has helped Mmakaunyane Sundowns Academy where they have held 10 days camp with at least 65 young people with the aim of instilling the need for education.

Change starts at school

Posted by Admin on Thu, Feb 16 2017 02:26:00
2016 Activator, Blossom Ncedisa Kolisi through her passion of teaching has managed to align her passion of helping young kids excel in articulation skills through debate and dialogue. Her self proclaimed love for the arts has made her job seem effortless.


Posted by Zilungile Zimela on Tue, Feb 14 2017 14:15:00
The young people are only collecting on the dreams they have repeatedly been sold - using non-violent, legal and cohesive means to champion the purpose of their ,they stand in solidarity to seek solutions that will better their lives.

The State of Whose Nation?

Posted by Admin on Fri, Feb 10 2017 13:27:00

Young leaders making a difference in their communities

Posted by Admin on Fri, Feb 10 2017 02:10:00
Young people are rallying together for positive change across all corners of the country, the message is clear and simple " Young people want change" .The promises have long been made, it's time to cash in. After school is after school.
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