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A space for you to share information with fellow Activators and to access resources & opportunities.
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A station is any meeting place where Activators can get together in their communities. It can be a library, an office at a resource centre, a coffee shop or even someone’s yard.

These spaces can help you advance your work and meet regularly with fellow Activators and network with local stakeholders. When you have signposted (ie. added details of your station on the stations list), you could get support with things like data connectivity; ACTIVATE! branding & training tools, host exchanges or events etc.

Click here to add your station to the stations list or see which stations already exist in your province.

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Activate! Exchange

Exchanges are public dialogue sessions where Activators and experts can explore critical issues. They provide a platform to discuss what young people are doing to create change and what can be done to support them

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Here is what's happening in our world. Click on read more to find out about each event.

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