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With more than 2000 members, there’s always something happening in the ACTIVATE! network. Click on each story to read more about how Activators are driving change across South Africans.


Activator Nominated for Enterprise of the year

Posted by Admin on Mon, May 29 2017 11:30:00
Activator Bonkekile Khumalo an aspiring businesswoman from KZN has been nominated for the Enterprise of The Year award for her cleaning products business Okuhle and Cousins Project based in Illovo Township in the province of Kwa Zulu Natal.

Helping young people find their potential

Posted by Admin on Wed, May 24 2017 11:29:00
Activator Shalien Pako from Mpumalanga has a passion for empowering young entrepreneurs and substance abusers. This year she hopes to empower her community. Read more about her mission.

Starting a mini library to inspire

Posted by Admin on Tue, May 23 2017 11:16:00
Activator Thato Fortunate from Limpopo wants to start a mini library in her community. Read more about her initiative

The youth shall be vocal

Posted by Admin on Mon, May 08 2017 15:12:00
Activator Unathi Snam is planning to obtain more copies of the booklet "Making Local Government Work" in order to run a workshop in his community to empower others.

Empowering through networking

Posted by Admin on Tue, Apr 18 2017 12:23:00
Activator Unati Tutani from the Eastern Cape started the Duncan Village Youth Development initiative in 2014.

Success starts with a small idea

Posted by Admin on Wed, Apr 12 2017 11:13:00
Switcher Claudius Mabidilala joined the Switch programme to develop his entrepreneurial skills and hopes his business addresses unemployment, poverty and inequality.

Opportunities for underexposed artists

Posted by Admin on Wed, Apr 05 2017 00:07:00
Activator Hein Scheepers started his social enterprise in the arts because of a lack of exposure community-based, non-formally trained artists from working-class areas receive. These artists have the talent but lack the support and channels to mainstream their craft.

Social entrepreneurs impacting social change

Posted by Admin on Mon, Apr 03 2017 11:48:00
Baamogeng Hube from the Northern Cape recently attended a SWITCH workshop. Read more about his social enterprise and why he thinks social entrepreneurs need to demand change.

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