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Another article about… RAPE!

Posted by Kay-Dee Mashile on Mon, Jul 17 2017 13:01:00
Following the trending case of Xola and Kamvelihle #WeBelieveYou, Kay-Dee Mashile writes that society must educate young men from as early as preschool on how to treat women. The same way little girls are taught to cover up, little boys must be taught to respect women.

Africa-The leader of gender-based violence globally

Posted by Zilungile Zimela on Thu, Jul 13 2017 12:13:00
Activator, Zilungile Zimela attended the gender-based violence hackathon held by Africa Unite and ACTIVATE! Change Drivers. The hackathon explored the origin and contributing factors to gender-based violence and why Africa is leading the pack.

South African Government – Brain Damage?

Posted by Kay-Dee Mashile on Mon, Jul 10 2017 10:30:00
Kay-Dee Mashile contends that the country is temporarily in a comma of sorts and we need some change to occur to avoid permanent brain damage. But how do we do this?

Activators share their thoughts about Mandela Day

Posted by Gladys Nomvuyo Sebeko on Fri, Jul 07 2017 11:15:00
Activator Nomvuyo Sebeko speaks to fellow Activators about their thoughts around Mandela Day. Mandela day was founded so that people recognise the power they have in changing the world. Read what they had to say

Activator Motsatsi Mmola is going to Norway in August!!

Posted by Lwazi Nongauza on Thu, Jul 06 2017 22:33:00
Activator Motsatsi Mmola will be going to Oslo (Norway) in August! She was selected to participate in the global youth leadership exchange programme and has been assigned into a Kenyan NGO that is need of someone who has her leadership skills.

Youth employment: Uncertainties, gaps and A! potential

Posted by Nomtika Mjwana on Wed, Jul 05 2017 10:20:00
As part of a digital youth supplement, Uncensored Voices, Activator Nomtika Mjwana takes an introspective look at herself as a change driver and what is possible within the Network. She shares her experience of how three members of the Network worked together in coming up with ideas.

We are not free while freedom is still locked up

Posted by Bongo Hlongwane on Tue, Jun 27 2017 09:58:00
Activator Bongo Hlongwane reflects with fellow Activator Siyabonga Memela on the 1976 uprising and if freedom has been achieved.

Fight for job creation not free education!

Posted by Kay-Dee Mashile on Thu, Jun 22 2017 18:28:00
As part of our digital youth supplement, Uncensored Voices, Activator Kay-Dee Mashile takes a critical look at the plight of the youth in the country and their incessant call for free education. She argues that the fight for employment is more significant and educating ourselves on the latest format of a CV, we should look into educating each other on the latest format of a business proposal

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