A! Classifieds W11Publication

This week’s A! Classifieds is loaded with various job and other opportunities that will help change your life.

Check them out:

Jobs (17)

Opportunities (10)

Your future is your hands, all you have to do is apply. If you would like to join the A! Classifieds WhatsApp group, send Bongi a text on 0795125938. Share your A! Classifieds success story with Nathacia on 0732775299.

Remember A! Classifieds is for all youth, even if you are not an Activator, so share with all your peers and in your various social media groups.

Together in #FightingYouthPoverty

A! Classifieds W10 Publication

Catch this week’s A! Classifieds W10 publication.

We have opportunities from across the country. With this publication, PROVOKE handed over 100 opportunities that will help youth excel from their various sectors.

Internship (2)

Internship (3)

Jobs (16)

Opportunities (9)


If you would like to be part of the A! Classifieds WhatsApp group, send a text to Bongi Ndlovu on 0795125938 and she will add you to the group. If you know you have an A! Classifieds success story to share, WhatsApp Nathacia on 0732775299.

Remember A! Classifieds are for all youth that needs it, even if you are not an Activator, so feel free to share with your all your contacts. This is what we mean when we say we are “Together in #FightingYouthPoverty”

A! Classifieds W9 Publication

Catch this week’s A! Classifieds Publication. One of these opportunities can change your life, so don’t miss out.

Apply TODAY!

Bursaries (3)

Jobs (14)

If you would like to join the cause of #FightingYouthPoverty, you can join the A! WhatsApp group or if you need advice or assistance in applying for any opportunity, contact A! Classifieds team via the A! Classifieds WhatsApp group or send a text to Bongi on 0795125938.

Remember we need to work together in #FightingYouthPoverty and that means you do your part by applying or sharing with other youth that need the opportunities.

A! Classifieds W8 Publication

A! Classifieds is out, and today we are sharing our 8th publication for the year. This publication has JOBS, INTERNSHIPS, and BURSARY opportunities. To date, we hosted the Online Hackathon with Industry Expert that gave valuable advice on CV Design. In July, we will host another Hackathon and tackle another challenge that youth face when applying for opportunities. Here are this week’s opportunities:

BursariesPotrait (7)

Internship (1)

Jobs (13)

This is your chance to change your life, however, you are responsible in taking that first step. So don’t waste time, APPLY!!! Feel free to share with all the young people you know that need to improve their lives.

Together in #FightingYouthPoverty.


A! Clssifieds W7 Publication

Check out this week’s A! Classifieds Publication. This publication has JOBS, JOBS, JOBS and more OPPORTUNITIES that one can apply for. The opportunities shared are from across the country and are shared by Activators who are working together to #FightYouthPoverty.

Jobs (12)

Opportunities (8)

This is our 7th publication of the year and to date, we have changed the lives of over 10 young people across the country. You can be next, do not waste time, APPLY today.

We host monthly Online Hackathons where we invite industry experts to give advice on how to better your chances of getting that opportunity you have been eyeing. If you would like to find out more on how to be part of the next Online Hackathon, or if you would like to join the A! Classifieds WhatsApp Group, send a WhatsApp to Bongi on 079 270 3536.



A! Classifieds W6 Publication

Catch this week’s A! Classifieds. This week, we have jobs, internships, bursaries and other various opportunities that have been collected from the A! Classifieds WhatsApp group. Thank you to everyone who shared opportunities. This is what we mean when we say we are “Together in #FightingYouthPoverty”

Bursaries (2)


Jobs (11) (1)

Opportunities (7)

Don’t forget to use all the tips that were shared in the CV Writing 101 Online Hackathon. Due to the success and the demand for that particular online Hackathon, watch out for the next upcoming hackathon. Remember you cant succeed if you don’t apply!

To share your A! Classifieds success stories WhatsApp  Nathacia on 073 277 5299, and if you have any queries regarding A! Classifieds, you can WhatsApp Bongi on 079 512 5938.

A! Classifieds Publication W5

A! Classifieds are back with a bang!

Check out this week’s A! Classifieds Publication W5, and you can be the next A! Classifieds success story. To date, we have had over 5 success stories of young people that have received jobs, internships and other amazing opportunities through A! Classifieds.

Bursaries (1)

Jobs (10)

Opportunities (6)

Watch out for the first A! Classifieds Hackathon with CV Design Expert Janine Crowster on the 1st of June as part our #FightingYouthPoverty strategy. For more information, WhatsApp Nathacia on 073 277 5299 or email Nathacia@localhost

A! Classifieds Publication W4

Time for this week’s A! Classifieds publication where Activators share opportunities that can assist all South African youth in #FightingYouthPoverty. Check out this week’s opportunities:

Bursary Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

Job Posts

Opportunities (5)


The first step in changing your life is: ‘APPLYING!!’ So don’t miss out, APPLY, APPLY, APPLY!!!

If you need help or advise on applying, join the A! Classifieds Whatsapp Group where you can access opportunities daily and also take part in interesting conversations with your peers on how to better your chances of accessing the opportunities. Remember that you can share the A! Classifieds with whomever you feel needs it.

Together in #FightingYouthPoverty

For more information or for sharing your A! Classifieds success story, email Nathacia@localhost

A! Classifieds Publication W3

A! Classifieds is back and bigger than ever. This publication boasts over 8 pages of job opportunities that you can apply for. A! Classifieds was developed to assist young people to improve their lives by providing the latest job, bursaries, and funding opportunities. We are in the process of improving our supplement but we need your input, so apply and give us feedback so that we can tailor the publication to best suit your needs.

Jobs (9)

Opportunities (4)

Join the A! Classifieds Whatsapp groups where you can receive daily opportunities posted. You can also be part of the #FightingYouth Poverty movement by joining the group and sharing your opportunities or advice on how youth can better position themselves to receive employment.

Whatsapp group link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/LLj6tTVsetlJWD3iQs2kvy

Or Whatsapp Nathacia on 0732775299 for more information.

This is not an Activator only platform so please feel free to share with all young people that you think need this publication and also please give us feedback if you have applied for an A! Classifieds, been called for interviews or received an opportunity via A! Classifieds. We want to help you all throughout your journey so that you can get that opportunity.

Together in #FightingYouthPoverty

A! Classifieds Publication (W2)

Its that time of the month again where we share all the opportunities that we received and collated from the Activate Network. We do this because we want to work together in #FightingYouthPoverty. All youth are welcomed, not just Activators. So feel free to share with anyone you know who might need an opportunity to change their life. We want to be a social and economic force that helps young people better their lives.

Take the first step into YOUR future and apply today!

BursariesPotrait (4) Jobs (8) Opportunities (3)

A big THANK YOU to all those who share opportunities and advice every day on the A! Classifieds WhatsApp group. We would not be able to publish A! Classifieds without you! For those that want to join the group and get access to the opportunities posted daily, follow this link:  https://chat.whatsapp.com/LLj6tTVsetIJWD3iQs2kvy

This is what we mean when we say #YouthMatter



A! Classifieds Publication (W1)

A! Classifieds are back and full force in 2018.

Last year, A! Classifieds were able to help many young people by sharing job, bursary and other entrepreneurial opportunities.

This year, we are back but will be working more strategically and including posts from different provinces so that all youth are supported and included. But as usual, we sharing the opportunities is only the first step, young people also need to take initiative and apply for the opportunities shared. And more importantly also share insight and feedback on their experience with A! Classifieds so that we can we ensure that we are providing the best opportunities needed.

Jobs (7)

Join the A! Classifieds WhatsApp group where we share opportunities every day. Click on this link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/LLj6tTVsetlJWD3iQs2kvy

Together in #FightingYouthPoverty

A! Classifieds Publication

We are back, with the largest A! Classifieds publication since we started. A big thank you goes to the Activators that are sharing their opportunities with us so that we can work together in #FightingYouthPoverty!

To date, we have had 2 Activators get jobs that were published in the A! Classifieds. This publication might have your big break. APPLY!! DON’T MISS OUT

Switch Social Entrepreneurship Programme Assistant

Jobs – SAPS GP (1)

Jobs – SAPS FS

If you are currently looking for a job or would like to share opportunities,  join the A! Classifieds Group were posts are posted daily. To join our A! Classifieds WhatsApp Group click this link.


A! Health Bosberaad Coundown

As the countdown continues…



All roads lead to Magalies today…



Because #YouthHEALTHMatters

A! Classifieds Publications

Catch this week’s A! Classifieds.


JobsPotrait (3)


2 Activators have since received jobs that they applied from the A! Classifieds. So don’t miss out on this week’s job opportunities. And if you would like to catch the daily opportunities or would like to share any opportunities, click the following link:  https://chat.whatsapp.com/LLj6tTVsetIJWD3iQs2kvy or WhatsApp Bongiwe Ndlovu on 079 270 3536 on Bongiwen@localhost


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A! Health Bosberaad Countdown

And the A! Health Bosberaad countdown continues…

To all delegates, please pack a nice outfit for the Pledge Ceremony aka After Party…

Because #YouthHealthMatters




A! Health Bosberaad Countdown!

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A! Classifieds

Week 6 A! Classifieds publication.

Are you currently job hunting or looking for various opportunities to grow? Catch this week’s opportunities brought to you courtesy of the A! Network. We want to be powerful force that drives social, political and economic change in young people’s lives, by sharing opportunities and resources to all young people in the country.

JobsPotrait (2)

BursariesPotrait (3)

Logistics Coordinator 16 Oct 2017

Opportunities (2)

If you would like to share any opportunities, access daily opportunities or receive advice on how to apply using the A! Classifieds, join the A! Classifieds WhatsApp group. And remember this publication is made for all young people in SA so feel free in all your social media platforms. For any questions regarding A! Classifieds contact Bongi Ndlovu – 079 270 3536

And remember that you have to APPLY to get a chance to change your life.

May the odds be forever in your favour!


A! Classifieds

Check out this week’s opportunities on this week’s publication of the  A! Classifieds.

Remember you cant get anywhere if you don’t apply. If you need require advice on how to apply or would like to give feedback or share your opportunities, join the A! Classifieds Whatsapp Group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/LLj6tTVsetiLWD3iQs2kvy

or email bongiwen@activateleadership.com or WhatsApp Bongi Ndlovukazi on 079 270 3536


JobsPotrait (1)

The time to change your life, reach out for opportunities and apply yourself in faith!


A! Classifieds

Week 4

A! Classifieds is a platform where Activate shares its opportunities so that we can collate and distribute it amongst youth. This is the A! Network working together to assist in decreasing youth unemployment and to empower youth-led organizations.  Check out this week’s A! Classifieds opportunities:


BursariesPotrait (2)


Click on the above links to access the opportunities. Be part of the A! Classifieds by sharing the opportunities that you come across via WhatsApp on 079 270 3536.

A! Classifieds! Changing the tide of youth unemployment.


A! Classifieds

Time to see what opportunities are available for Yout(th) today!

Are you currently unemployed and looking for a job. Check out our jobs section of the A! Classifieds this week.

Jobs: Jobs (6)

Are you looking for ways to further your studies? We have a few bursaries and opportunities today to help you reach your dreams. Apply now!

Bursaries: BursariesPotrait (1)

Opportunity: Opportunities (1)


Share the A! Classifieds with other youth outside the Activate network. In doing so, we are helping decrease the stats of youth unemployment. If you have a job and any other opportunity that you would like to see advertised in the A! Classifieds,  email them to Bongiwen@localhost or WhatsApp them to 079 270 3536


If you would like to advertise your business or the services that you would like to see advertised in the A! Classifieds, send an email of your business profile and operations area to Bongiwen@localhost