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Talking the future to life

Posted by Nhlanhla Ndlovu on Tue, May 09 2017 00:45:00
Three of South Africa's former presidents, and one former deputy president hosted a dialogue on the national crises facing the country. ACTIVATE! was represented by Activator Nhlanhla Ndlovu. This is what happened.

The youth shall be vocal

Posted by Admin on Mon, May 08 2017 15:12:00
Activator Unathi Snam is planning to obtain more copies of the booklet "Making Local Government Work" in order to run a workshop in his community to empower others.

The effects and causes of poverty in modern society

Posted by Xolisile Malgas on Mon, May 08 2017 11:20:00
Activator Xolisile Malgas says the fight against poverty is simply that, a fight! This means that poverty can fight back, we can choose not to fight or we can fight with our minds and consciousness.

24 Hour Hackathon for Switchers

Posted by Carrie Leaver on Fri, May 05 2017 12:30:00
On the 08 May the Switch Programme will be running an exciting 24HourHackathon with 31 social enterpreneurs who will be required to submit a social business canvas presenting their initiative as well as a 4 minute YouTube pitch.

Reflections on my presentation at the Africa-China Youth Festival

Posted by Koketso Marishane on Fri, May 05 2017 11:12:00
Activator Koketso Marishane recently spoke at the 2nd Africa-China Youth Forum about Youth in Business. Koketso contends that the overall socio-economic progress among our continent’s people first need sustainable jobs. In order to create these job opportunities and craft a significantly inclusive African society, he says we need to pursue socio-economic growth based on the strength of all sectors: public, private and civil society groupings.

Do journalists have journalistic privilege not to disclose their sources under South African law?

Posted by Qhawe Sosibo on Wed, May 03 2017 10:41:00
In observing World Press Freedom Day today, Activator Qhawe Sosibo in his academic essay asks, Is the right not to disclose confidential sources of information which journalists claim to have, a legally protected right in South Africa? If not, should it be protected and to what extent?

After 23 years of democracy, can we say we have achieved a better life for all?

Posted by Gladys Nomvuyo Sebeko on Tue, May 02 2017 11:38:00
Gladys Nomvuyo Sebeko takes a look at our 23 year old democracy and comments on the implementation of various programmes and policies.

It is my democratic Right

Posted by Unathi Snam on Thu, Apr 27 2017 23:27:00
Activator Unathi Snam says voting is not the only meaningful way to exercise his democratic right and influence justice. He wants the masses to be conscientised on how to play a meaningful role in their democracy.
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