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With more than 2000 members, there’s always something happening in the ACTIVATE! network. Click on each story to read more about how Activators are driving change across South Africans.


Success starts with a small idea

Posted by Admin on Wed, Apr 12 2017 11:13:00
Switcher Claudius Mabidilala joined the Switch programme to develop his entrepreneurial skills and hopes his business addresses unemployment, poverty and inequality.

The ACTIVATE! Network making democracy work

Posted by Themba Vryman on Tue, Apr 11 2017 09:00:00
Activator Themba Vryman discusses the concept of democracy which cannot thrive without the active participation of those who seek to build a truly prosperous country in making it work."As Activators the obligation to ensure that our South African democracy develops, matures and works for the entirety of the populace is much heavier," he says.

The ACTIVATE! network shares their views on the #CabinetReshuffle

Posted by Kim Barlow on Fri, Apr 07 2017 09:05:00
Today, thousands of South Africans will take to the streets in protest against corruption and governance following President Jacob Zuma's cabinet reshuffle. We looked at Facebook,WhatsApp and Twitter to gauge the responses from the A! Network around the reshuffle.

Activators review Kalushi

Posted by Zilungile Zimela on Thu, Apr 06 2017 12:52:00
Activators share their opinions on the recently released movie of Solomon Malanghu, Kalushi. It is one of many untold authentic South African stories.

Opportunities for underexposed artists

Posted by Admin on Wed, Apr 05 2017 00:07:00
Activator Hein Scheepers started his social enterprise in the arts because of a lack of exposure community-based, non-formally trained artists from working-class areas receive. These artists have the talent but lack the support and channels to mainstream their craft.

Our role in accountability

Posted by Nomtika Mjwana on Tue, Apr 04 2017 11:18:00
Activator Nomtika Mjwana explores why young people are so far removed from essential decision-making platforms. No young people are present in these conversations that directly violate their rights.

Foreigners Doing More Good In South Africa

Posted by Siya Mahomba on Mon, Apr 03 2017 12:42:00
Activator, Siya Mahomba, leads us into a vital discussion on how African/Asian foreign nationals who are being persecuted (xenophobically) are actually doing more good in South Africa than harm.

Social entrepreneurs impacting social change

Posted by Admin on Mon, Apr 03 2017 11:48:00
Baamogeng Hube from the Northern Cape recently attended a SWITCH workshop. Read more about his social enterprise and why he thinks social entrepreneurs need to demand change.
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