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Posted by Zilungile Zimela on Tue, Feb 14 2017 14:15:00
The young people of the country are only collecting on the dreams they have repeatedly been sold over the years - using non-violent, legal and cohesive means to champion the purpose of their cause,they stand in solidarity to seek solutions that will better their lives.

The State of Whose Nation?

Posted by Admin on Fri, Feb 10 2017 13:27:00

Young leaders making a difference in their communities

Posted by Admin on Fri, Feb 10 2017 02:10:00
Young people are rallying together for positive change across all corners of the country, the message is clear and simple " Young people want change" .The promises have long been made, it's time to cash in. After school is after school.

Championing African Youth Policies for Global Development

Posted by Koketso Marishane on Wed, Feb 08 2017 13:00:00
Koketso Marishane asserts that because 60% of Africa’s population is below 35 years old, intentional investment in youth-focused initiatives could breed double-digit growth and genuine development across the continent. He examines the significance of education and how it should change in South Africa.

A Microscopic View Of The SONA

Posted by Zilungile Zimela on Wed, Feb 08 2017 11:04:00
Zilungile Zimela a 2016 Activator from the Eastern Cape concerned about youth issues and the country's current standing shares her thoughts and views from the perspective of a young leader driving change on the functions our government needs to pay attention to as a matter of urgency.

So Now – is a good time

Posted by Kanyisa Booi on Tue, Feb 07 2017 15:16:00
"The questions are many and we expect genuine responses from you, Mr President. One person may be writing this but we are a collective of young leaders working hard at answering some tough questions this generation is facing, which you too are painfully aware of. We are not waiting on you but, we are working tirelessly and our hope is that with policies and budget you allow us to drive change."

Delegates from around the world attend the YESPeace Network Launch

Posted by Lulama Mali on Mon, Feb 06 2017 17:34:00

Working together, moving South Africa forward

Posted by Admin on Mon, Feb 06 2017 15:05:00
Is the 9-Point Plan enabling a truly inclusive society?
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