South Africa is a society essentially characterised by inequality, exclusion, marginalisation, fragmentation and oppression owing to a number of factors including apartheid, patriarchy, gender inequality and racism amongst others. Notwithstanding progress that has been made through legislation focused on the promotion of redress and equality in South Africa, much still needs to be done to promote a sense of interconnectedness and create an inclusive South African society. Our efforts to build peaceful, interconnected and sustainable communities across the country must be cognizant of the dire need to address challenges facing the most vulnerable in society including women, children and the LGBTQIA+ community. ACTIVATE! Change Drivers realises the importance of creating an enabling environment for engaging and critical discourse on the complex social conditions influencing the interminable challenges facing society today.

The network has initiated the Interconnectedness and Inclusivity Sector in an effort to empower Activators with key competencies to contribute meaningfully towards advancing peace, interconnectedness and inclusivity within communities across South Africa. With respect to the above-stated, the network has collaborated with Activators and various stakeholders to coordinate a series of hackathons, workshops and imbizos aimed at unpacking structural determinants of gender injustice and gender-based violence in South Africa and exploring possible solutions thereof.