In this bumper edition, catch up on Activator stories; events; Imbizo’s; the You Count Survey; what happened when ACTIVATE was represented at the UNESCO Conference and a new Innovation Challenge for 2016. Filled with photo’s and successes of the Network, this edition promises to be a good read!  

Content Highlights:

Page 8: Imbizo’s: Find out about all the Imbizo’s held for 2016 and gauge the media reach across the country.

Page 4: Walala Wasala: Meet Activators who participated in the Walala Wasala television series.

Page 5: Taking to the polls: As we look back on the local government elections, we find out what communities have to say and how the You-th is Making Local Government Work.

Page11: Connecting Communities: The inaugural rural dialogue series was a resounding success. We highlight the success of three rural dialogues held in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga. 

Page 14: Switchers Making a difference: We look back on the SWITCH year that was and the inugural SWITCH Weekend Seminar.

Page 15: Training in Action: We take you through Module 3 highlights.

Page 17: ACTIVATE Educating: We introduce the Community Development Certificate Course (CDCC) to the network.

Page 20: The A! App: Find out ways to keep in touch with the network.

Page 22: The Innovation Challenge: We challenge Activators to come up with innovative ways of dealing with social ills.

Page 30: Where are your ACTIVATE stations?: We show you where all the ACTIVATE stations are across the country.

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