For the 200 children, and 20 local schools that Maliboho works with, there’s an opportunity for learning in every move. (Source: TYI)

[Alexandra Youth Day Chess Championships 2018, dated: Saturday, 16th June 2018]

Reach out, support our cause and help make the project event a great success. Each year we raise money to help trigger and influence a/an academic, social, and recreational environment within the greater Alexandra Township. Our plan this year is to use the funds to enhance and promote a/an academic, social and recreational chess pride and competency environment in the Alexandra Township community and its surroundings.

The opportunity to support the project event provides benefits to your corporation or business, as well as aligning your company with HLALEFANG ALEXANDRA CHESS CLUB [145-350 NPO].

I would like to invite your company to pledge its support to participate in this exciting Alexandra Youth Day Chess Championships 2018.

Through the very valuable corporate support you can provide, we will be able to enhance and foster what matters most to our beneficiaries, whom are the Children, and the Youth in the Alexandra Township community, and its surroundings.

Your sponsorship would provide the opportunity to further develop and promote our cause, and help us to address the undesirable social ills, and problems we are addressing such as school drop-outs, teenage pregnancy, and unemployment; to name a few, which are what threaten the future of our Children, and the Youth in our township communities.

Learn more about our initiatives and the operations leader on the link below!
Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to your uplifting response!

Sincerely yours in Chess,

Jonathan Maliboho
Direct mobile: +27(0) 78 338 0672
[Operations Leader] Hlalefang Alexandra Chess Club [145-350 NPO] [Commended Mzansi’s 100 of 2017: Healer, Jonathan Maliboho]