What is AYED

AYED is an acronym for

*A* frica
*Y* outh
*E* ntrepreneurship
*D* ay

Formed in 2014 after Student from Vaal University of Technology, South Africa, Mordecai Ndlovu so a need for more advocacy and collective youth economic participation amongst Africans presented ‘Africa Youth Entrepreneurship Day’ at a student summit in Ghana, Accra.

The Day was proposed to be held annually on the 3 June through Youth Dialogues to address youth unemployment and youth restlessness participation thus further swaying government as well as private sector to develop policies that strengthen youth economic participation through entrepreneurship.

How will the day address issues:

The 5th annual Dialogue will be held at Vaal University of Technology , South Africa which will include:

– Live stream conference address across different African continents
– Social media Polls and Conversations
– Formal Statement
– Continental Campaigns
– Petitions

The AYED will also further connect to different groups workshops and trainings.

Lastly support by signing the petition to make the day and it mission realized.

Your in the revolution to make reach 0% unemployment realised.

Mordecai Ndlovu
National Chairperson