Are in or around Mpumalanga? Celebrate Youth Day in style at Warren’s Graduation Networking Picnic!

This picnic aims to shift the stereotype of youth day being about embarking on trips in school uniforms with loud music and cooler boxes full of booze. This “normal” celebration doesn’t support the history of Youth Day and it reduces the value of education.

There are lot of kids around our communities who need role models from around whom they can look up to so that they can have that enthusiasm to study.

You Dream Foundation Founder, Warren, invites graduates (preferably aged 21-35) from the communities around Ximhungwe, Mkhuhlu and the nearby areas of Bushbuckridge who are willing  to  spend time with other professional in a picnic at Machete Inn (Mkhuhlu) on the 16th of June and be on either their graduation cap or belt only.

This will require registration fee of about R180.

The main idea is to make education fashionable, create a trend on the social media about this education and how youth day (June 16) should be celebrated in South Africa. The picnic will include light meals and a photo shoot, as well as a dialogue on the following topics:

1. Adopt a learner initiative (check up on one matric student at least once a week, help in choosing a right career path, help them in applying on time and also give them some tips about the varsity life)
2. Share on how interesting your course was and why you chose it.
3. Share the best memories you had in varsity
4. Share the most embarrassing moments you had in varsity
5. Share on your experience in the corporate world
6. Advise on how to apply for jobs (how to put your documents in order, authentic links to check for job applications, etc.)
7. Share tips on how to tackle interview questions and so much more!

Can’t attend?? Sponsor an underprivileged learner to go in your place. Contact Warren at +27 79 397 6740 or Kay-Dee at +27 723 423 689 for more information and see poster for details!