The 1st annual seminar is hosted by The Beats of Success in partnership with City Varsity.

Life beyond Taboos seminars seeks to address societal and cultural taboos that has been normalized in silence as a way of enabling generational healing to take place in people’s lives.

There are many things that people go through behind closed doors and have been programmed to suffer in silence as a way to preserve their dignity, however the question is “why do we go through these hardships then?” If we should not speak out. For how long will this cycle continue? Some old ways of dealing with things that are prescribed by society, culture, religion are just not viable anymore and we need to tell the truth.

In most cases it never ends well, suicide becomes the way out and one cannot run away from the fact that we are a wounded nation and it is shown every single day in what is happening in our communities.

For those that has managed to live beyond their taboos and remained strong, how are they doing it? This is the conversation we want to create a safe space for and have a community of empowered individuals and families who sees and values the importance of generational healing.

We have a diverse line up of speakers who will share how they have lived Life Beyond Taboos and still be the best at what they do.


Malika Ndlovu – Author & Poet

Miriam Mannak –  Sustainable Development Journalist

Sonwabo ‘Sofire’ Bomvana – Youth Worker & Zumba Instructor

Gavin Fortuin – Community and Youth Development practitioner

Tickets are available Via Webtickets or email