Ambassadors of Change was founded in February 2016 by a dynamic young group of people in Makhaza that sees the need to change and use innovative ways to do so. Society is sick with complaining about the change they wish to see and feel governments do not help them to do so.

Our company started as a dream to see our community developing not only academically and socially but to also develop our talent. We decided to combine a group of many talented youth within our community and Khayelitsha at large so that they can be discovered and be used in positive way. The aim is to groom the youngsters into becoming the best of them by keeping them busy to avoid boredoms and have something to do each and every day of their lives. Main one is to develop them to be next generation role models with profiles Seems our beginning we have been on demand by young/ old people to do more events where they learn and gain information even have chance to raise question about the related theme.