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Activator sheds some light on the social impact of the Network

By Frans Ntsoereng This year, Activators from 2012-19 across the country were invited to participate in the 2nd tier impact study. This article provides insight into the socio-political force, as you go through this piece you will learn about the amazing work done by Activators, the support from authorities and communities and challenges that compromises […]

2019 Gate for Innovation Africa Start-up Summit

Activator Bongekile Filana was among 15 Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) delegates who paved a a way for new Africa technology investments roadmap at Gate for Innovation Africa Start-up Summit in Tunisia from the 25th and 26th of June. Social Change Driver and Digital Activist Bongekile Filana joined the chosen minds to represent South Africa […]

A! CDCC students have finally wrapped up their course

By Lungile Cele It’s been 11 months of commitment from the CDCC (Community Development Certificate Course) 2018 students, finally it’s been wrapped up. When the course began in July 2018 shortly after a process of recruiting the most suitable candidates, it was a moment of victory for the selected students having to embark on a […]

#SAAIDS2019 PART 1: A paradigm shift needed to fight HIV/AIDS

By Prince Charles American science philosopher Thomas Kuhn in his 1960 book titled ‘The structure of scientific revolutions’ coined the concept of a paradigm shift. He argued that scientists and activists all over the world adopt a certain fashion or a paradigm which they use to deal with epidemics or social issues, however due to […]

Celebrating youth heroes ahead of Youth Day

ACTIVATE! Change Drivers, a non-profit youth organisation (NPO), has compiled a book, ‘Heroes’, featuring some of the 3,400 youth Activators that have taken part in their leadership programme. These are the youth heroes that should also be celebrated ahead of Youth Day on June 16, the NPO believes. ACTIVATE! Change Drivers sees itself as developing […]

Youth demands to Sixth Democratic Administration

By Lwazi Nongauza Youth employment, emerging small medium enterprises funding and improving the national education system are among some of the youth demands to the Sixth Democratic Parliament ahead of its joint sitting on the 22nd of May. Immediately after elections results were announced, millions of concerned young South Africans took to social media to […]

Activators launch 26 new stations nationwide

By Paul Mabote No doubt, South African youth have massive potential to formulate solutions to some of the most serious social issues today. Often, the challenge becomes identifying conducive spaces where these powerful young minds can meet regularly and engage. Enter Activate! National stations, innovative spaces designed to provide resources, information and opportunities as well […]

How to beat election queues

By Tshepang Mokgtla With elections a couple of hours away, and the whole country preparing to go out and vote for their political parties of choice, the thought of standing in a long line can be extremely daunting. Well do not despair, we have you covered with tricks to help you avoid long queues on […]

Our votes are not for sale!

By Bongekile Filana “In 1994 we voted for our freedom, now we need to vote for our survival” this is how Tyrone Mkansi describes the attitude of thousands of social change drivers who are preparing for upcoming elections. Since 1994, South Africans in all walks of life have been exercising their right to vote and […]

Is this generation of youth ready to lead the country?

Reflections of the Radio 702 Youth Election Debate by Tshepang Mokgatla With the national elections around the corner and all political parties doing their final voter mobilisation, prime media’s radio 702 hosted yet another election debate with the focus being on youth issues and the question “how will the elections affect young South Africans?” Although […]

The A! Network as an Economical force

By Themba Vryman Over the weekend, over 90 activators came together for the A! Network national imbizo. On the second day of the imbizo as part of a two-day programme, network members were divided into three commissions consisting of Political force, Social force and Economic force. The economic commission was constituted by a plethora of […]

Crafting a sustainable Network: Political Force

By Prince Charles Greek statesman Pericles while speaking in Athens in the fifth century once said “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean that politics will not take an interest in you.” This was the opening theme for the ‘political force’ breakaway session at the national Imbizo held in the […]

The A! Network as a Social force resolves to end poverty

By Action Setaka The national Imbizo of 2019 was an incredible gathering of great and brilliant minds under one roof. The national Imbizo was divided into three commissions namely political, economical and social force. These are areas which make up the direction of our country and these are areas of great concern for Activators. The […]

Activators come together for National Imbizo

By Paul Mabote (Writer, Poet, Creative, Learner, Observer) Paul Mabote is a member of the ACTIVATE! Change Drivers Network. It had been a long time coming and had been patiently anticipated by many young minds across South Africa. On the weekend between 12 and 14 April in the North West, it finally materialized – the […]

Finally a panacea for youth challenges in South Africa or is it?

By Tshepang Mokgatla We live in a very interesting political climate. Could it be that miraculously we now have a government that takes youth challenges of education, unemployment, entrepreneurship, health amongst others, seriously or is it just liberal lip service? The 2019 budget speech by the finance minister Tito Mboweni has brought radical allocations of […]