The Barefoot Campaign. Let’s celebrate rape survivors.

By: Anele Gcwabe Some people find jobs, and they proceed to make an income, provide for their families, and think little or nothing of the people they work with or around. Even though it does not feed their soul. The world and movies have made us believe that feeding the soul is the most important […]

Shining light on the things we take for granted. A story of influence.

By: BeeKay Mental health has been the most under-addressed, overlooked and undeserved illness in the history of all human illnesses. A lot of medical practitioners classify it as a ‘chronic health condition’. In the USA, mental health parity laws- passed in 2008- require insurance companies to treat mental illness the same way that they treat […]

Economic Activism, a story of influence.

By: BeeKay Economic activism involves using economic power for change. This is especially true, when an Activist is on a quest to develop his/her community through their work. The community of Naledi, in Soweto, Gauteng, is fortunate to have an economic activist of their own. This is exactly what 2019 Activator and economic activist, Tshepiso […]

Lending a hand wherever help is needed.

By: Anele Gcwabe Sometimes, people just need help. Sometimes, these people encounter people who are willing to help, and the world is a better place for the person who needed help- at least for a few seconds. There are rare occasions, where we encounter people who actively go out in search for people who need […]

Activators share their views on Tito Mboweni’s budget speech

There were approximately 10,3 million persons aged 15–24 years in Q1:2020. The proportion of these young people who were not in employment, education, or training (NEET) increased by 2,1 percentage points from 32,0% in Q4:2019 to 34,10% (3,5 million) in Q1:2020. Of the 20,4 million young people aged 15-34 years, 41,7% were not in employment, […]

Online activism: South Africa and #BlackLivesMatter

By: Marthinus Conradie An opinion from The University of Freestate Anti-racist protests are flourishing across the United States, as protestors oppose the systemic racism that drives police brutality against African Americans. South Africans can relate to these calls for lasting and meaningful steps towards justice. This moment of solidarity offers an opportunity to question what […]

Activator Dr Nosiphiwe Ngqwala shares her opinion on the pandemic and 4IR

By Lwazi Nongauza The emergence of the novel coronavirus occurred during a time when the fourth industrial revolutionary had begun to make headway in the country and the value of e-commerce truly emerged. Speaking during an interview with Activate Leadership, Dr Nosiphiwe Ngqwala, a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Pharmacy at Rhodes University says […]

Activator Irvin Chauke shares his opinion on the effects of the pandemic on the judicial system

By Lwazi Nongauza   The South African justice system is facing a mounting backlog of court cases as a result of disruptions caused by Covid-19. While this has not been a new problem in the country, the coronavirus is worsening the situation. In an effort to understand this, Active Leadership conducted an interview with Irvin […]

Using the arts to instill hope in his rural community

By: N.S.D For as far back as history can trace, the arts have been used as a form of ‘play’. It is what people turn to when the ‘real and productive’ work is done and people needed to relax. In rural South Africa, a lot of parents don’t believe that their children should be trying […]

A conversation with former justice Albert “Albie” Sachs

By Paul Mabote The South African Constitution is believed to be one of the best and most inclusive Constitutions in the world. It was birthed out of necessity during the historic transition from the discriminative apartheid era into the new democratic South Africa. It is worth remembering that the country’s Constitution as well as the […]