The History of Collarative Activism

Expressions such as “divided we fall, united we stand”, “there is power in unity” and “power in numbers” are proof that I am not mistaken when I say that “the future of activism is collaboration”. Activists- whether their cause is Gender-Based Violence and femicide, environment preservation or animal rights- influence social change. Does it not […]

Economic Empowerment is an important part of ending violence against women #16DaysofActivism

By Kay-Dee Mashile Originally published by Group 500 Investments The 25th of November is the International Day for Ending Violence against Women and Girls. In South Africa and many parts of the world, this also marks the beginning of the 16 Day of Activism against Violence against Women and Children. In the past few years, […]

Meet the Panelists: Nosandi Dlamini and Loyiso Mbete 

  Speaker Names: Nosandi Dlamini and Loyiso Mbete  Occupation: Co-Founders of an Enterprise Development Company  Organisation: Group 500 Investments  Group 500’s Story:  Group 500 Investments (G500) is a Cape Town-based organisation founded by Mr Loyiso Mbethe and Mrs Nosandi Dlamini in the midst of the challenges that 2020 brought about to assist women entrepreneurs. With […]

Meet the Panelists: Tremaine Barnes 

Speaker Name: Tremaine Barnes  Occupation: Activist, Lyricist and Singer Organisation: The Barefoot Campaign Tremaine’s Story:  Tremaine Barnes is an activist, lyricist, singer and founder of The Barefoot Campaign in support of survivors of rape and sexual abuse. She is part of the ACTIVATE! Change Drivers Network and is focused on self-empowerment as the means of […]

Meet the Panelists: Dr Fay Nqoloba

Speaker Name: Dr Feziwe “Fay” Nqoloba Occupation: Community Builder, Speaker and Entrepreneur Organisation: Warrior Women and Talita Cumi  Dr Fay’s Story:  Dr Fay Nqoloba wears many hats across various platforms and organisations. Moreover, she is the visionary behind the Warrior Women organisation and its two sister organisations Young Warriors and Talita Cumi. She explains each […]

Meet the Panelists: Clifford Demas

Speaker Name: Clifford Demas Occupation: Speaker and Radio Presenter  Organisation: CCFM Clifford’s Story:  Clifford Demas, also known as “Cliffie D”, from radio CCFM is a young, vibrant, energetic young man who is a co-presenter on a drive time show and anchors his own show on a Saturday afternoon. Clifford is an MC and a motivational […]

Meet the Panelists: Lezel Molefe

Speaker Name: Lezel Molefe Occupation: Social Worker and Entrepreneur Organisation: Change the Script and Molefe Legacy Consulting    Lezel’s Story:  Lezel Molefe, CEO and Founder of Molefe Legacy Consulting, has 19 years of experience in the field of Human Behavior, Strategic Management, Senior Management and Clinical Social Work. She is a qualified Social Worker and […]

Meet the Panelists: Lesego Scott

Speaker Name: Lesego Scott Occupation: Activist, Student Leader Organisation: The Rise of a Natio Lesego’s Story:  Scott Mmakgongwane Eleine, fairly known as Lesego Scott, is the current Student Christian Organisation (SCO) Chairperson at the University of Western Cape where she is also the PR Officer of the current Student Representative Council (SRC) and an LLB […]

The future of Activism is Collaboration – Campaign Launch

By: Kay-Dee Mashile Activator Lesego Scott once said, and I paraphrase, that activism is a matter of conviction. Therefore, it is a journey that one needs to choose for oneself and one that no one should be recruited for. In her words, “We cannot lobby for activism, we can only educate with no hidden agendas. […]

Traditional Healers and Mental Health

By: Othandwa Lidlozi “Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, but stigma and bias shame us all”. I read this off a Facebook status, a couple of days ago. It is sad how true this is. It is also inspiring the amount of response this and similar quotes have received from mental health activists […]