A Facebook community group aimed at reforming the socioeconomic status in communities around South Africa

By: Lwazi Nongauza Many people have recommended the creation of a social media group to help market a business or an organisation. In his blog, Social Seeder, Thomas Berger speaks of the benefits of having a community of like-minded people on social media. He lists three major reasons why a social media community group can […]

Data age, is your confidential information protected?

By: Bongekile Filana (A Certified Data Scientist) “Data is now a new oil of the digital economy” says Honourable Minister Stella -Ndabeni Abrahams in her address at Nedbank webinar last week Friday. She further says, “As all sectors have been reshaped by the Covid 19 pandemic, organizations have begun to utilize databases/data warehouses as the […]

Heroes or sell-out’s? How every generation has to rediscover democracy

By Prince Charles “The truth commission was a structure to grant amnesty in acknowledgement of the truth at a price, it was a necessary compromise but it is not justice. But how much more injustice would there have been to innocent people on either side of the divide if there had not been a settlement?” […]

Hlengiwe Phoswa: influence that will carve footprints on solid rocks

By N.S.D We live in a society that functions on a system that is conducive to the erasure of women and their influence, because of that, we need women who will stand firm and refuse to be annihilated. The reality is that black women, in South Africa, are oppressed in more ways than one. They […]

Reflections on the fall of those on whose shoulders we stand: A young Activist’s tribute to George Bizos

By Kay-Dee Mashile “There comes a time in the life of every person when you either succumb or you fight” – George Bizos While many young activists can resonate with this quote, it is not often that one stands up against a system that works for them. As an Activator and an activist in different […]

The ACTIVATE! Network Covid-19 relief application terms and conditions

The ACTIVATE! Network COVID-19 relief fund aims to target 255 Activators and 10 Youth Hubs across the country. There are limited funds available. Activators are only allowed to apply for one type of support. The organisation will not give cash to Activators, but dispense vouchers or process invoices directly to suppliers. Delivery costs must be […]

Paving the way for womxn to take leadership roles as they are, not as imitations of men.

By: Lwazi Nongauza “We must pave the way for other women to join us, not to become like men. We should have the balls to live with difference because we say we want to be inclusive. We, women in leadership, need to be mindful that we are doing this not just for ourselves but for […]

From being trapped in prostitution, to freeing those who are trapped in prostitution

By: Anele Gcwabe There is a significant difference between choosing to be a sex worker, and being forced into prostitution. The former- though not yet legal- has become and is becoming an acceptable way of earning an income, the latter involves the victimisation of women. While sex workers recognizes that sex work is work. Being […]

Putting a smile on a child’s face

By: Anele Gcwabe Smiling not only offers a mood boost but helps our bodies release cortisol and endorphins that provide numerous health benefits, including: Reduced blood pressure. Increased endurance. Reduced pain. Reduced stress. Strengthened immune system. https://www.henryford.com/blog/2017/10/health-benefits-smiling If you’ve ever manged to put a smile on someone’s face, you’ve managed not only to make them happy, but to increase their […]

Volunteering to bring hope

By: Anele Gcwabe In the time that we live in, a lot of people are concerned about themselves, their own growth and development and the next thing they need to do in order to improve their economic standing or their ability to get to the top. Volunteering has becoming a way to improve work experience […]