Pursuing freedom

During the first seven years (1978 1985) of my life, I had no idea what apartheid was. Let alone the fact that it existed. Where I lived, in Manse, where my grandfather was a minister, I lived and played with other children from different race groups…

Activator Story: Planting Seeds

Having lived all his life in Bonteheuwel, 31-year old Dean Jates says his activism not only seeks to transform the area, but also the residents. But for now hes planting small seeds, hoping that soon they will blossom into tall trees, which will eventually bear fruit.

Activators on Hectic Nine 9

Activate Change Drivers young representatives and Western Cape youth were in the Hectic Nine-9 studio to discuss the upcoming elections, democracy and leadership.

#JUSTBECAUSE for Human Rights

Following the launch of the #JUSTBECAUSE campaign headed by Thabo Horings, Tholakele Molelekwa, and Lebohang Ratje to confront societal issues in South Africa earlier this year, the initiative used Human Rights Day…

Volunteering + Crowdfunding = New age community service

Lezerine Mashaba is changing the way we look at fundraising and community activism. Soft-spoken Mashaba uses the power of the internet to change the lives of those who are most vulnerable in Cape Town’s most populous township, Khayelitsha.

How do we protect our freedoms in the context of a dispensation (government) we have chosen?

The events of 21 March 1960 were not random. They were the result of careful mobilising and a combined effort aimed at achieving a specific goal. In this case, fighting pass laws.

Diary of An Activator

Nazareen is an Activator, a member of the ACTIVATE! network. Here she shares her experience during Module One of the residential training in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal…

Young Person On The Move

Activator Anele Cele was recently featured in the local Standerton paper. Read what she had to say about her ACTIVATE! experience.

4 Activators, 4 reflections on being members of the ACTIVATE! network

For some ACTIVATE! is just a training programme, for some it is a space to connect, a place of belonging, for some it is part of their journey as agents of change four Activators give us a window into their lives and how being part of this network has touched their lives.

21 March – not just another holiday

Human Rights Day is not just another holiday. Many lives were lost, literally, while fighting inhumane laws and the right to freedom. What makes this day remarkable is that through combined effort, South Africans were able to put pressure on the apartheid government as a voice that could no longer be suppressed.