Mhlanganisi on JoziFM

Activator Mhlanganisi was on JoziFM to talk about the Joburg Exchange which was held on the 11th of June 2013.

Activators Koketso and Pearl on SAFM

Activators Koketso and Pearl were on SAFM talking about the upcoming Joburg Exchange.

Mhlanganisi on SAFM

Activator Mhlanganisi was on SAFM to talk about the National Youth Engagement on the National Development Plan is trying to achieve.

100in1Day Intervention

100in1Day was about connecting people around their dreams for their communities, city and society, and then playfully manifesting them together. The concept was that over 100 urban interventions were…

Agape Youth Movement

Activator Noko talks about the organisation he started with a group of people. Agape Youth Movement (AYM) was established by a small group of eight young people in a Gauteng township called Soshanguve which is located in the northern side of Pretoria the capital city of the Republic of South Africa.

Mhlanganisi on eTV Sunrise

Activator Mhlanganisi was involved in a discussion on eTV on “Do we (South Africans) take our freedom for granted?”

Volunteer Day on Freedom Day

Part of module 1 home task is to have a volunteer day. Bevin Reynolds shares her story of what she did for her volunteer day. “I held my volunteer day at the Saartjie Baartman Centre for abused women and children in Manenberg. For the day, I organised for friends of mine to share their skills and expertise with the women, and so create a day filled with a variety of transforming and empowering activities for them.”

Unacceptable sanitation! What is the solution?

Young South Africans have grown up in a ‘free’ country, and yet, a simple thing like sanitation is still such a problem. While some South Africans have four bathrooms in their own houses, others suffer the indignity of having no clean toilet at all. See the link below and think of innovative ways to get communities involved in changing this situation …

The role of memory in creating change

Some Activators recently had the opportunity to attend a talk on Leadership and Innovation for Social Change and the role of Memory & Legacy. This talk was hosted by the Board and Alumni of the South Africa – Washington international programme. Below are some reviews from the Activators who attended.

Mocha Panda Movement

Activator Kanyisa Booi started a youth movement called Mocha Panda. She explains what the movement is all about and what its goals are. Mocha Panda (Youth Forward) is a sturdy show of solidarity amongst youth. Activators will conduct jam sessions throughout South Africa. Symbolically this will be carried out the Youth Month (June) up to Mandela day (18 July) marked by a 67 minute peaceful Youth Attest walk to the Union Building.