Our votes are not for sale!

By Bongekile Filana “In 1994 we voted for our freedom, now we need to vote for our survival” this is how Tyrone Mkansi describes the attitude of thousands of social change drivers who are preparing for upcoming elections. Since 1994, South Africans in all walks of life have been exercising their right to vote and […]

Connect to your nearest station

Is this generation of youth ready to lead the country?

Reflections of the Radio 702 Youth Election Debate by Tshepang Mokgatla With the national elections around the corner and all political parties doing their final voter mobilisation, prime media’s radio 702 hosted yet another election debate with the focus being on youth issues and the question “how will the elections affect young South Africans?” Although […]

The A! Network as an Economical force

By Themba Vryman Over the weekend, over 90 activators came together for the A! Network national imbizo. On the second day of the imbizo as part of a two-day programme, network members were divided into three commissions consisting of Political force, Social force and Economic force. The economic commission was constituted by a plethora of […]

Crafting a sustainable Network: Political Force

By Prince Charles Greek statesman Pericles while speaking in Athens in the fifth century once said “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean that politics will not take an interest in you.” This was the opening theme for the ‘political force’ breakaway session at the national Imbizo held in the […]

The A! Network as a Social force resolves to end poverty

By Action Setaka The national Imbizo of 2019 was an incredible gathering of great and brilliant minds under one roof. The national Imbizo was divided into three commissions namely political, economical and social force. These are areas which make up the direction of our country and these are areas of great concern for Activators. The […]

Activators come together for National Imbizo

By Paul Mabote (Writer, Poet, Creative, Learner, Observer) Paul Mabote is a member of the ACTIVATE! Change Drivers Network. It had been a long time coming and had been patiently anticipated by many young minds across South Africa. On the weekend between 12 and 14 April in the North West, it finally materialized – the […]


25 March 2019 RE: THE ACTIVATE! NATIONAL IMBIZO IS UPON US. JOIN THE CONVERSATION ON ALL OUR DIGITAL PLATFORMS. Activate National Imbizo 2019 will be held at the Alpha Conference Centre, Broedestroom, in the North West Province. This national gathering seeks to create an enabling environment for Activators to critically reflect on the pressing question […]

Fourth Industrial Revolution and Unskilled Youth

By: Bongekile Filana We are moving into a disruptive digital world underpinned by rapid advance of technologies and digital economic growth. The digital world is moving very fast. Are we ready to move at this pace? While technologies advance rapidly, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skill development programmes seem to be moving slowly. In South […]

#WomenRightsAreHumanRights – We Are NOT Rocks!

By: Kay-Dee Mashile In an era where women being beaten and killed by their significant others is a norm, we need to do something that will lead to the real emancipation of women… The 8th of March is recognised globally as International Women’s Day, while this calls for a definite celebration of what women have […]