The Aftermath of the Unrest in Parts of South Africa

By: Paul Mabote, 2015 Activator ACTIVATE! Change Drivers and Democracy Development Program hosted a Zoom engagement of the aftermath of the Mid-July unrest in parts of South Africa. We all witnessed it, whether first hand, through the numerous media reports or through social media, we all witnessed our country going up in flames in Mid-July […]

A! Contraception Webinar with Marie Stopes

By: Esihle Dayimani Contraception has been of part women’s sexual and reproductive lives for decades. As the world has been evolving medically, so has the different contraception options. This has become to be an overwhelming topic amongst women trying to figure out the most preventative method to use.  A! Health Sector hosted a webinar around […]

ACTIVATE Mandela Day

By: Esihle Dayimani As we were celebrating International Nelson Mandela Day on the 18th July 2021, ACTIVATE! took part in 3 virtual events which go in hand with the monthly theme #AdaptAndDigitize. We kicked off the day with Activator Lindelani Mnisi who blew us away his knowledge of the digital world. On a daily basis, […]

Celebrating Mandela Day with Youth in Leadership

By: Kay-dee Mashile While the country remains shaken by the events of the past week, many active citizens took it upon themselves to show up in celebration of Mandela Day. From cleaning up the streets and areas affected by the unrest and protests to various other charitable projects and programmes. One such programme was a […]

I am worried. So worried.

By: Zilungile Zimela The situation that is taking place in some parts of the country as I see it from a spectator’s point of view, started as a bid to pledge allegiance to a man who has been called many things, many of which I cannot sift or sort as myth or fact. However, as […]

The Dire Need for Digital Literacy in South Africa

By: Lindelani Mnisi, 2019 Activator So how did we get here? How did we get to a point in our country where we’re seeing massive job losses, a struggling economy, and a hysterical society bombarded by confusing technology and trends? Well, politics aside, the main answer to that question lies in the classic story of […]

They Call It “The Purge SA”: A Cognitive Dissonance

By: Mo Senne There is no definitive truth about any given situation – more than one truth can exist simultaneously without invalidating the other. For example: (1) Transformation is needed in South Africa but the methodology is flawed; (2) #ShutdownSA is not about former South African President, Jacob Zuma, and (3) #ShutdownSA is a result […]

Empowering Underprivileged Backgrounds Through Literacy

By: Esihle Makuwa-Dayimani The Cape Town based 2019 Activator, Lungisa Sobhuwa, has been an advocate for Literacy since 2016. He was inspired to join ACTIVATE! by Vuyolwethu Mangaliso, who encouraged him to become a member. He declares: “I saw Vuyolwethu transform into a brilliant leader, which motivated me to apply for the leadership programme.” Sobhuwa, […]

ACTIVATE! Youth Resilience

By: Rejoyce Kgabo Legodi “We do not have to become heroes overnight. Just a step at a time, meeting each thing that comes up, seeing it as not as dreadful as it appears, discovering that we have the strength to stare it down.” This Eleanor Roosevelt quote clearly defines fearless and hardworking leaders such as […]

Youth Resilience Leads to a Leaderless Revolution

By: Mojalefa Mokhosi The leaderless revolution is here, but it is not what the zealots say it is. Both the far right and far left are wrong about what the leaderless revolution in South Africa looks like because both sides have no catalyzing figure to galvanise the cell-like structure of such a revolution. A leaderless […]