Tapping into a practical space from the home of Influential Leaders

By Abongile Davani “What is it that makes this province produce influential leaders? And will we be able to produce these leaders in the near future?”- Activator Prince Charles Eastern Cape is one of the provinces which produces bona fide and iconic leaders. On the 22 nd June, more than 40 Activators  gathered at a […]

Healing open wounds- towards social justice

By: Aphelele Mtwecu ACTIVATE! Change Drivers, in collaboration with the Institute of Justice and Reconciliation (IJR) hosted an insightful dialogue on Social Cohesion at Isivivana Centre- Khayelitsha on June 15 2019. The event unpacked issues that thwart social cohesion among youth and possible solutions to solve them. Demystifying social cohesion, we had a panelist of […]

An opinion on opinions: A possible next step in ACTIVATE!’s engagement with youth

By: Dr Marthinus Conradie The youth of South Africa face an intimidating number of difficult questions. Here is a short list: What kind of identity should the youth of today try to develop? Should the youth focus on a single identity, or on various, different kinds of identities? What kinds of values should guide this […]

A! CDCC students have finally wrapped up their course

By Lungile Cele It’s been 11 months of commitment from the CDCC (Community Development Certificate Course) 2018 students, finally it’s been wrapped up. When the course began in July 2018 shortly after a process of recruiting the most suitable candidates, it was a moment of victory for the selected students having to embark on a […]

Modern Technology: The modern generation’s most potent and misused weapon.

By Paul Mabote (Writer, Poet, Creative, Learner, Observer)     Perusing through my Facebook timeline the other day, I came across a disturbing post which read: “I’m sorry, but I honestly feel like we’ve exhausted the 1976 youth history. Can we start celebrating today’s youth?” “Wait, What?! Are you?! How dare she?! How dare she […]

#SAAIDS2019 PART 2:HIV Prevention for youth, a time of urgent action

By Prince Charles On the 13th of June 2019 ACTIVATE! Change Drivers partnered with the German Development Bank, Youth against AIDS, and the National Department of Health to coordinate the HIV Prevention for Youth Satellite Session on the sidelines of the ninth South African Aids Conference held at the Durban ICC. A number of stakeholders […]

#SAAIDS2019 PART 1: A paradigm shift needed to fight HIV/AIDS

By Prince Charles American science philosopher Thomas Kuhn in his 1960 book titled ‘The structure of scientific revolutions’ coined the concept of a paradigm shift. He argued that scientists and activists all over the world adopt a certain fashion or a paradigm which they use to deal with epidemics or social issues, however due to […]


By: Anele Gcwabe The legacy of segregation and oppression in South Africa has negatively impacted the social fabric of the country. This has deferred the building of social cohesive and inclusive communities in South Africa. The country is still faced with social cohesion challenges that manifest in endless incidents of racism and gender-based violence. As […]


By: Siyabonga Mahomba  Youth-led non-profit organisation, Enabling Disability Education Nationally (EDEN), is preparing for the second edition of its Walk For Youth Disability Education (#Walk4YDE19), a charity campaign for the benefit of South African youth with disabilities. For 15 days of the Youth Month, the organisation’s co-founders, Omphile Mangwagape, Dennis Tolo and Samuel Modise will […]

We are empowered to empower!

By: Kay-Dee Mashile, Kim Barlow and Anele Gcwabe This Youth Month, ACTIVATE! Change Drivers (@ActivateZA) has launched a campaign where we explore how youth in South Africa and particularly in the ACTIVATE! Network are empowered through sustainable means. This goes beyond self-employment and looks at innovative solutions in order to empower other youth and pay […]