Paperboy – Postboxes for Everyone

Information thats not transmitted to its recipients is futile in a communication link. I have noticed that a lot of households in my community dont have post boxes, and this in turn results in a number of letters and responses…

Township Roots Project

Township Roots exists to improve education in Nyanga, Cape Town. Through our programs we aim to help the young people of Nyanga stay out of crime and stay in school, all the way through primary and high-school and into university.

Liesbeek River Clean-up

Activator Peter Atmore organised a clean-up operation of the Liesbeek River. He managed to get 20 volunteers with the Mowbray, Rosebank and Observatory area. Peter talks about the clean-up operation.

Africa’s Greatest Entrepreneurs

Activator Calvin has embarked on a project to document African entrepreneurs. He explains the reasons behind the project and why he feels that it is necessary. Africas Greatest Entrepreneur is a documentary series that comprises of profiles and in depth interviews with some of Africas greatest entrepreneurs.

The Social Entrepreneurship Incubator Model

Activator Thabang has been hosting a few idea sessions in Joburg. At the beginning of the month he held a Dragons’ Den/ ideas festival. He explains how the session was structured and what the outcomes were.

Activate! Exchange – Johannesburg

Activate!Exchange Media Release 11 June 2013. Youth Leaders Take Up the Challenges Facing South Africa with launch of Activate!Exchange in Johannesburg.

Lunch Box Project

We are looking at the high number of learners who come from disadvantaged backgrounds to school without having eaten breakfast or without a snack for lunchtime. We see a decline in the number of children who queue for food that has been prepared for them as they are sometimes teased for having to do so. And so, although the learners are hungry, they are too embarrassed to be seen queuing and would rather go hungry…”

Terence on Shift

Terence was on Shift a programme that is broadcast on SABC 1. He was explaining what Activate! Change Drivers is all about.

Mhlanganisi on JoziFM

Activator Mhlanganisi was on JoziFM to talk about the Joburg Exchange which was held on the 11th of June 2013.

Activators Koketso and Pearl on SAFM

Activators Koketso and Pearl were on SAFM talking about the upcoming Joburg Exchange.