Aug 21

The woman I met yesterday

By: Gladys Nomvuyo Sebeko LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THE WOMAN I MET YESTERDAY She had a smile of a queen and the breath of a princess Her face was like an ocean with hair like the sunset Her body so perfect like the clear blue sky LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THE WOMAN I …

Aug 17

The commodification of youth unemployment

By Action Setaka In many platforms where I am invited to speak on socio-economic issues, I always argue that we live in a money-orientated world. “Our poverty, miseries, traumas and even simple acts of kindness are converted into business for making money. If plans to make money are not found out of any of our …

Aug 17

Literacy should be a lesson first administered at home

By Zilungile Zimela Contrary to popular belief- the black nation IS a reading nation. From the elementary ages of reading Chappies Bubble gum wrappers, we have been reading. The scourge of illiteracy among the marginalised groups is wide spread emanating from a myriad of reasons one of which is the availability or the lack thereof- …

Aug 16

Remembering Marikana

A poem by Activator Hein Scheepers My parents are miners whether in a shaft or in a retail store working as a Petrol Attendee We are Working class. We are Miners. We Are Marikana Who would have thought that we will also be part of a generation that witnessed how the government massacres humans workers …

Aug 12

Activating Truth and Trust In Media, Today.

Insights and Reflections By: Activator Zilungile Athenjwa Zimela Duke International Menell Media Exchange was established 17 years ago by Clive Menell to advance ethics and promote the practices of true journalism. This year, the exchange has invited media personnel and emerging media practitioners to speak about the “Truth & Trust” in what we read and …

Aug 23

Activator Empowering The Youth Through Literacy

Thando Mkoyi, a self-motivated literacy specialist and Activator based in Khayelitsha, hosted yet another eye-opening Sinovuyo Township Reads workshop on literacy at the Khayelitsha Site B library on Saturday, August 20. The event which was filled to capacity by Khayelitsha residents included- amongst others- children and parents of all ages. The event was to bring …

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