Activator, dancer, choreographer and theatre practitioner starts a gym in Bloemfontein

By: Zilungile Zimela


16 MARCH 2018

Re: Activator, dancer, choreographer and theatre practitioner starts a gym- a safe space for the LGBTIA+ Community.

Bloemfontein born Activator Sifiso Teddy Mhlambi, fondly known as the ‘Pink hustler’ has always aspired for only the best things life has to offer. A little over two years ago he was approached by a newly established gym (SS Health Club) that was at the time in search of trainer who specialised in aerobics or any dance oriented workout, for which he was the perfect fit.

“While the trainer there, I decided to enrich and further my knowledge into a healthier lifestyle as I was in a steady journey to self-reinvention,” added the flamboyant Teddy-B.

From the first day conducting his first training, Teddy-B felt the strong desire to one day open his own establishment also focusing on promoting healthy living- a gym that would have the dual function of firstly being a fitness hub and a safe haven for the members of the LGBTIAQ+ community. He added sternly that, “as a theatre practitioner and member of the LGBTIA+ community I have observed how the same community can neglect to lead a healthy lifestyle thereby contributing to the deterioration of our health.”

Teddy is a classic example of what happens when a young person decides to take action steps and journey towards attaining personal goals, in this case “personal fitness goals”. The gym is currently undergoing massive facelift and will be open for business towards the end of 2018 with a whole list of fun and interactive workouts that will have your body bolting with fresh and new energy.

The high-spirited and ever motivated hustler Teddy maintains that “When in doubt…Be extra!”


Notes to the Editor:


ACTIVATE! is a network of young leaders equipped to drive change for the public good across South Africa. Connecting youth who have the skills, sense of self and spark to address tough challenges and initiate innovative and creative solutions that can reshape our society.

For more information:

Facebook: Teddy B Vuitton

On social media:

Twitter: @ActivateZA

Facebook: ACTIVATE! Change Drivers

Gender-Based Violence and Human Rights Imbizo

By Rammolotsi Sothoane

The South African constitution guarantees equality for women and the LGBTQIA+ community as well as the right to freedom from violence, and access to socio-economic rights such as housing, land, health and fair labour practices.

As South Africa commemorates Human Rights Day on the 21st March, it is important to reflect on progress that has is being made to empower communities to exercise their rights as enshrined in the constitution. Notwithstanding progress that has been made through legislation focused on the promotion of redress and equality in South Africa, much still needs to be done to address the structural determinants of inequality, exclusion and fragmentation among other things.

The high and ongoing incidence of rape cases, the perpetuation of rape culture, as well as other forms of physical and psychological violence against women, girls and the LGBTIQA+ community represent a profound social challenge affecting communities across the South African society. Our efforts to build peaceful, interconnected and cohesive communities across the country must be cognizant of the dire need to address challenges facing the most vulnerable in society, centering women, children and the LGBTIQA+ community.

Gender equity and justice are fundamental human rights, guaranteed in the South African constitution. These cover political, civil, economic, social and cultural rights, including sexual and reproductive rights. Throughout history women’s rights and gender equality have been seriously undermined by patriarchal economic, trade and fiscal policies that have increased militarization, violence, poverty and inequality (United Nations Human Rights, 2014).

With respect to the afore-mentioned, it is incumbent upon to us to create enabling spaces for conversations that will ultimately propel meaningful action aimed at creating an inclusive and equitable society. ACTIVATE! Change Drivers and the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation are committed to creating platforms for critical discourse on pertinent issues affecting communities across the country. The Gender-Based Violence and Human Rights Imbizo represents an effort to promote quality education on gender and human rights in an effort to build cohesive, interconnected and inclusive communities across South Africa. Imbizo (derived from the tradition of African people) are essentially solution based dialogues aimed at creating enabling spaces for people to engage and share practical solutions to challenges affecting the nation or community.


A! Health Sector Responds to the Listeriosis Outbreak

By: Bongiwe Ndlovu

On the 5th December 2017 our Minister of Health, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi released a press statement informing the nation about the outbreak of Listeriosis and what causes it. On his press release he said “the bacteria is widely distributed in nature and can be found in soil, water and vegetation, animal products and fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables”. He went on to say “for this particularly outbreak, the most likely source is contamination of food at origin e.g. farms and agriculture as well as food plants.” The most recent press release took place on the 4th of March 2018, by our Minister stating that they have narrowed down the source of the deadly outbreak to Enterprise foods and Rainbow outlets. To date, the Listerioisis outbreak has claimed a total of 180 lives of which 50 people were from KZN, 92 in Western Cape and there are 436 have been reported as infected in Gauteng which is the province that has been affected the most in the country.  

As the A! Health Champions, we would like to advise the network and all young people to be vigilant of the food we consume even though we understand the high cost of food. We understand that the target foods are mostly consumed by youth in the form of school lunches and as staple food in most homes. To minimise the risks, while the investigations continue it is important to practice basic hygiene techniques such as:


  • Keep your hands clean at all times especially when preparing and consuming any food items.
  • Cook food thoroughly, never eat half cooked food or raw meat.
  • Keep food at safe temperatures.
  • Use safe water for domestic use at all times

We encourage people to refrain from consuming processed foods such as polony, cold meats and vienna sausages as a whole. Those can be substituted with eggs, peanut butter, jam and other healthier more organic options such as fish. We would also advise that more youth look at adding more fruit and vegetables in their diets. The vision is to move our diet from high processed fat and meat diet to a more organic diet that would ensure that children live a long a healthy life. To fight against a lowered immune system, we encourage people to incorporate daily exercise and drinking water as part of their daily routines.

Our call to action:

As A! Health champions, we understand that all parties involved are currently conducting investigations that will find the source of the outbreak so that we can ensure that no more lives are lost unnecessarily. We would also like to call on South Africans to take the matter seriously and even though it seems like a joke or a hoax to rather be safe than sorry. Just like how people did not believe the HIV/AIDS pandemic was real until it affected us personally, let us not wait until we or our loved ones are affected before we start taking precautions and taking care of our health. After all the funny social media videos are sent and gone and you(th) have received the 100 likes on social media pages, you(th) will be faced with dealing with the disease on their own. Listeriosis is real and it is killing people.

We would like to extend our deepest condolences to the families who lost their loved ones and will continue to conduct Pro-Youth Health Solutions that will look at training young people on how to live a healthy long life. We are looking forward to working with government and the private sector on how we can achieve this goal together.

We follow these investigations closely and scrutinize every decision taken as it affects every day South Africans that do not have the luxury of purchasing organic foods from high end retailers. The fact is as per Section 27 of our Constitution, everyone has the right to sufficient food, and we would like to champion that once the government and independent investigations are completed that there are legal repercussions of placing South African lives in danger in the name of profit. We want to know who will take full responsibility and compensate the families that have lost loved ones for the trauma. And we want to know what precautions are being taken to ensure that such an outbreak does not happen again. We will be at the forefront of challenging the food industry and our government in their quest to genetically modify our food to raise profits and food costs at our expense.

We as the A! Health Champions take this stance because we believe that #YouthHealthMatter

Yours sincerely

A! Health Sector Champions

Adwa Day March 2018

The RASTAFARI Movement through an association of various organisations and collectives, invites the public to attend Adwa Day March to Parliament

Community-based event highlighting the marginalisation, discrimination, criminalisation and victimisation of RASTAFARI adherents in South Africa, The day also is a rallying call to celebrate the Ethiopian Victory over Italy at the Battle of Adwa 1st March 1896

The delivery of our memorandum of grievance to the secretary of the speaker of the South African parliament is the highlight of the Rastafari’s Movement’s programme of event to mark Adwa Day Rastafari Nation March 2018. This will include a legal protest March from Kreizengracht parking lot down to Parliament where the Government will be receiving the memorandum from the Rastafari Movement’s delegates. Rastafari Ambassadors from the various organisations involved will make short addresses in commemoration of Adwa Day Victory and also the Plight that Rastafari people face under the current government.

The Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL) has done a research on Rastafari Religion and culture advocate the report recommendations done in 2011-2012 by the name of “Challenges faced by Rastafari communities in South Africa

On 2nd of March 2016 the RASTAFARI movement through the association of various organisations and collectives marched to Parliament to submit the Memorandum of grievance and CRL Report. This was the first Annual March to put pressure on the Government of the day to Give Justice to our communities.

On the 8th of December 2016 Rastafari United Front marched to South African constitutional court to submit the memorandum of Grievances and CRL report on Challenges Faced by the Rastafari Community in South Africa recommendations implementation.

Notes for Editor:

If you would like a journalist to attend please contact Hein Scheepers: 0847878033

Adwa Day Rastafari Nation March, which falls on 1st March annually, this is the third year of the march and the 122nd Anniversary of Adwa Victory Day which is an official holiday in Ethiopia. This is a day to affirm and reflect on the only independent African nation that defeated the European colonisers, RASTAFARI being a Movement that is Ethiopic in its Worldview, ideologies, philosophies and frames of reference to culture, spirituality, arts, knowledge, consciousness and beliefs


The purpose of the Events:

  1. Raising awareness and increasing Public understanding of RASTAFARI People and the marginalisation they face in society in both public and private sector industries.
  2. THIS EVENT IS NOT ABOUT DAGGA LEGALIZATION per se, it is in fact about collective governance, collaboration, networking, partnership, to ensure human rights and justice, to maintain the integrity, dignity, fundamental principles, philosophies of Rastafari communities do hereby establish and ordain on the basis of respect to the South Africa constitution.



  1. For information on Adwa day Rasta Nation march 2018 events and interviews with organisers and RASTAFARI Leadership: Hein Scheepers 0847878033


Adwa Day 2018 Schedule:

Cape Town City Bowl: the National/Intracontinental event for Adwa Day will take place from 10am to 2pm on Wednesday , 1st March.

Highlights include:

  1. 9H00-11H00 Assembling and Rallying at Kreizengracht Parkling lot, An Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Priest will open the Event with prayers and chants, Organisers will address the mass to ensure discipline and a collective vision of the day’s agenda.
  2. 11H00-12H00 Street: Start Marching towards Parliament The procession is accompanied with chants and prayers with the burning of incenses
  3. 12H00-13H00Address at infront of Parliament, the Government has communicated that they will receive the Memorandum at 12H00 at the Louis Botha statue infront of Parliament
  4. 13H00-14H00 Return to Keizengracht Parking Lot Closing prayers and a debriefing session with the participants, stakeholders and organs involved


Last year we were more or less a 1000 but this year we have made greater efforts to mobilise communities across South Africa.


Advert: Assistant Junior Designer & Illustrator

Opportunity closing date:   Friday 16   March 2018

Siyashesha Leadership Incubator npc is a non-profit, dynamic organization that develops skills, builds opportunity and connects young leaders from across South Africa through the Activate programme.

Siyashesha Leadership Incubator seeks to appoint an Assistant Junior Graphic Designer Illustrator for its Communications portfolio, who is able to work 3 days a week, to be based in Muizenberg, Cape Town.

The successful candidate will have at least 1-2 years’ work experience in the Designing  field, experience in designing material to  target the  youth would be advantageous with the aim to make South Africa a better place for all.

Job Location

Primary: ACTIVATE! Head office

Muizenberg, Cape Town

Reporting to

Graphic Designer


The junior Graphic Designer assists in the creation and packaging of online and offline content.

Key role components

  • Assisting the creation & design of content for online and offline platforms
  • Ability to communicate visually, storyboard ideas and illustrate graphical elements
  • Contribute to brainstorming sessions for campaigns/monthly plans
  • Ability to see a project through, from concept to completion
  • Ability to learn and work as a team
  • Ability to follow instruction and handle criticism

The following attributes will be an advantage:

  • Meeting deadlines
  • Effective management of multiple requests
  • Ability to complete designs quickly without sacrificing quality
  • Ability to translate data and variables to a visual medium in a way that is understandable
  • Must have a critical eye for detail
  • Follower of trends


  • Experience in/or working with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop Ability, Driver’s licence
  • Must be able to sketch or draw
  • Computer literacy
  • Qualification in visual communication, graphic design or similar
  • At least one years’ work experience
  • Enthusiastic about art, design and technology


If you interested please submit a cover letter explaining why you would be suitable for the position and your CV; 

  • A certified copy of your highest qualification/degree obtained; 
  • A link to your portfolio
  • A copy of your most recent payslip

Forward details of three contactable references and their cell phone & email contact details, as well as your CV, motivation letter, copy of your ID and recent payslip and the link to your portfolio to:

hr@localhost with the subject line “Junior Designer” by 16 March 2018

Salary range negotiable

No late CV’s will be considered. Please ensure your CV reflects your recent email address, town of residence and cell phone number.

Should no feedback be received within two weeks of the closing date, kindly accept that your application was not successful.


The rise and fall of SONA

16 FEBRUARY 2018



The postponement and uncertainty surrounding the 2018 State of the Nation Address sidelined the long awaited answers to certain issues around the implementation of fee-free education that was announced by former President Jacob Zuma in 2017.

The 2018 SONA will take place today and the youth of South Africa  will be watching with their eyes wide open. The ACTIVATE! Change Drivers Network has a lot to say, considering the fact that 82% of the young people in this network voted in the previous election, their uncensored voices need to be heard. These are young citizens who contribute significantly to the economy as 30% of them have started their own NGOs and 36% are working on projects around improving employability. Here are young people with the power to influence communities, development and the economy. Their only appeal is that they not be excluded in matters that affect their quest to improve the state of their education.

Previous SONAs have been inadequate in addressing issues such as youth economic participation; skills development programmes; post matric opportunities and the absorption of graduates into the job market. They also failed to follow-up on strategic approaches to fee-free higher education while faced with the dismal state of basic education in areas like the Eastern Cape and Limpopo which are perceived as impoverished.

In an attempt to find answers to the implementation of fee-free education, on the 18th of January 2018 @ActivateZA hosted the Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Buti Manamela, in a live Twitterchat where he was to answer some pressing questions around the implementation of fee-free education. The most prominent question were about university registration and fees. Having had their applications to institutions of higher education accepted, the students were left at a loss on how to proceed as they had not received any communication from NSFAS and there has been no public pronouncement on how free education would be implemented. A portion of these young people showed unreserved concern about the fact that this free education will only apply to first year students while they were the ones who were at the center of the “fees must fall” movement.

With yesterday’s swearing in of president Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa, the A! network is  expressing diverse sentiment around what his presidency will mean for the youth of South Africa. Some Activators are “hoping for more investment into the country that will create jobs and uplift the standard of entrepreneurship for the youth,” other Activators showed concern that the “children of Marikana miners have to bow down to the man who killed their fathers.”

The ACTIVATE! youth has voiced their opinions on what they think the president ought to address under the youth section, in his SONA speech. More can be heard on:




ACTIVATE! is a network of young leaders equipped to drive change for the public good across South Africa. Connecting youth who have the skills, sense of self and spark to address tough challenges and initiate innovative and creative solutions that can reshape our society.

On social media:

Twitter: @ActivateZA

Facebook: ACTIVATE! Change Drivers


Instagram: Activate_za

For media information contact:

Anele Gcwabe

Cell: 072 406 7072

Email: anele@localhost


By: Anele Gcwabe

18 January 2018



Social entrepreneur, Xolani Ngobozana is taking strides to establish a strong foundation for the future leaders of South Africa by providing them with the necessary tools to empower them with education. He initiated the National Donate a School Bag Campaign which has succeeded in donating a 100 000 school bags, which are filled with full basic learning tools, to underprivileged learners across South Africa. Gauteng education spokes-person, Steve Mabona, was quoted to have said:

‘’It is really refreshing to know that there is a growing number of selfless and patriotic young people who are determined to make sure that our country’s future is heavily invested in those who will lead this country forward. I am particularly excited about this initiative (National Donate a Schoolbag Campaign) because it is a proof that free, quality education for all in not just in government official political rhetoric is a possibility. South Africa has dozens of foot soldiers who will make this happen.  I hope and wish that those with financial means can support such an initiative.’’

The National Donate a School Bag Campaign has a vision for transformation that seeks to secure the future of South Africa:

 “The Department of Education ensures that the youth receives quality education. However, there are many factors that are disrupting the system. For example, many of the learners in disadvantaged areas carry their books in plastic bags as their parents can’t afford decent schoolbags for them. As a result, their books are damaged and they easily lose their stationery, which affects their overall performance at school. Some of them end up dropping out and the cycle of poverty regenerates,” says Ngobozana.

To raise funds for the campaign, Ngobozana and his team have been hosting a series of fundraising events in all nine provinces throughout the year. One of those events includes Fun Run, School Movie Day, T-Shirts & Caps donations and sales, DAS Charity Cup, School Covering Marathon and Kids In Colour Festival which will take place on the 10th March 2018 at Rakele Park, Wattville, Ekurhuleni.

Ngobozana is not the only Activator who is a champion for transformation in education.Activators around South Africa are making significant moves in investing in the future leaders of South Africa:

  • Activator Khomotso Komape from Polokwane West at Tibane Ga-Matlala with the aid of Aganang Youth Structure will be donating back to school kits and sanitary towels to primary schools nearby. The Department of Social Development in the Maraba area is involved. For more : 079 363 4261.
  • Activator Vusumuzi Cosmos Shezi from Enkandla KZN in colloboration with Lifestyle Changes Youth Organisation will be donation stationery to Emphalwini Primary School. For more: 084 847 3144.
  • Prince Nofoto has an ongoing project and is currently collecting books and shoes for school kids. He is based in Attridgeville Pretoria. For more: 078 136 7704.
  • Activator Dave Lekqwathi is collecting school pencils and has already collected 555 for creches and 104 calculators for Grade 12 learners. More info: 081 738 0839.
  • Kwandile Skhosana runs a book club in Daveton and always gives away books to schools. More infor 081 538 7603.
  • Mzwandile Msimang is working with EKFM to collecting school uniform in the Gauteng area. More: 063 560 9091.
  • Activator Son of the soil is also running back to school projects. More : 071244 6785.

Activators are creating the path to a better South Africa, and everyone is invited!


For more more information contact:


ACTIVATE! is a network of young leaders equipped to drive change for the public good across South Africa. Connecting youth who have the skills, sense of self and spark to address tough challenges and initiate innovative and creative solutions that can reshape our society.

On social media:

Twitter: @ActivateZA

Facebook: ACTIVATE! Change Drivers


Instagram: Activate_za


By: Zilungile Athenjwa Zimela


30 January 2018

For Immediate Release


 Step across the very real barriers that define and divide our country”

 ACTIVATE! Change Drivers as an existing network of 2500 young people across the various corners of South Africa is looking to recruit active citizens between the ages of 20-30 years .These young people will be active citizens who have an inherent passion for changing the narrative of young people on how they are perceived (lazy and passive with no desire to contribute meaningfully to the activities aimed at improving this very diverse country).

With negative and shocking statistics on heavy rotation everyday that are effectively affecting South African youth such as unemployment, lack of access to resources, the lack of meaningful stakeholder engagements aimed at making local government work- it therefore calls for a dedicated group of active citizens who will attempt to attend to such needs.

The ACTIVATE! Change Drivers program is meticulously designed to CONNECT young people to other people in the country doing meaningful work in their various spaces with the aim of challenging the status quo. It is aimed at PROVOKING and guiding worthwhile conversations that lead to robust discourse that will pave the way to a more unified and socially/economically inclusive country. Through the program we aim to INFLUENCE,INSPIRE and EQUIP young people to recognize their strength and wealth of power vested on them to identify the ills plaguing our varying societies. The identification of such societal ills will in turn lead to solutions and interactions of consequence with stakeholders, media, funders, resources, decision makers to collectively creating a future worthy of our longing.

Are you the kind of person described above?

Do you wish to join our growing network at no cost to you?

If you have answers yes to any of the above,then we are looking for you.


Or alternatively dial *120*12000*1# and fill out the application form.

You can call us on 087 820 4873


Notes To The Editor:


ACTIVATE! is a network of young leaders equipped to drive change for the public good across South Africa. Connecting youth who have the skills, sense of self and spark to address tough challenges and initiate innovative and creative solutions that can reshape our society.

 On social media:

Twitter: @ActivateZA

Facebook: ACTIVATE! Change Drivers


Instagram: Activate_za

















Facilitator: Northern Cape Region/Upington area

Siyashesha Leadership Incubator is a non-profit organisation that develops skills builds opportunity and connects young leaders from across South Africa through the Activate programme.

Siyashesha seeks to appoint a Trainer/Facilitator, whom will report in Western Cape Nodal office but will cover the Upington area and surrounding areas in the Cape provinces.

The successful applicant will join a team of trainers to co-facilitate the Activate Programme. S/he is expected to be committed to and passionate about Development in South Africa. S/he will lead in-depth conversations, exploring the depth and breadth of many challenging topics and extracting a great deal of energy and participation from the incredible young leaders in the programme. The applicant must be willing to be away from home and present at the training venue for an average of 10 consecutive residential training days per month.

Key responsibilities:
· Work with nodal team members strategically during preparation phase
· Develop an inclusive environment conducive to adult learning:
· Effectively deliver training event and training sessions to the agreed standard
· Maintain contact and links with Activator networks where feasible
· Manage and ensure that own administration and reporting systems are maintained and timeously completed
· Comply with policy and procedures relating to the training programme, operations and human resources management.

· Graduate qualification and a minimum 3 years facilitation experience
· Computer literacy

177 Main Rd Muizenberg Cape Town 7945 T. 087 820 4873 F. 086 091 5657
Siyashesha Leadership Incubator NPC Reg no 2011/000482/08
DIRECTORS: Chris Meintjes, Grace Matlhape, Danaventhan Pillai, Michael Savage, Margaret Worthington -Smith, Yolande Wright

Social media competence
· Administrative capability & organising abilities
· Valid driver’s license
· Accredited assessor and moderator will be advantageous

· Team player with initiative, problem-solving skills;
· Effective communicator
· Flexible, outgoing and energetic
· Able to manage stress well

Shortlisted candidates will go through a rigorous interview process on communication skills, training ability and level of understanding of training materials. Candidates may also be subjected to appropriate psychometric testing and other selection instruments.
Salary Range: R14 000 – R15 500 per month dependent on experience. To apply, submit a CV copy of your ID and recent pay slip if possible as well as a motivation letter to hr@localhost by no later than Monday
19 February 2018

Subject line info: “Roving Facilitator W C for Upington area
No late CV’s will be considered. Please ensure your CV reflects your recent email address, town of residence and cell phone number.
Should no feedback be received within two weeks of the closing date, kindly accept that your application was not successful.



09 FEBRUARY 2018



2017 Activator Melusi Mahlaba, is championing the development of his community by empowering it with the skill of reading.

The local municipality of Kwamashu in Durban KZN is building a temporary library for the community of Lindelani, thanks to social entrepreneur, Melusi Mahlaba, the Lindelani Youth Forum (LYF) and Cllr N.C Biyela. After an ideas sharing workshop that was held by Activators at the Activate! Offices in Durban towards the end of 2017, Mahlaba and his team showed unmatched dedication to selling books around his community, using the very catchy slogan: One book, One child. While zealously selling books in their community, they managed to connect with other young people who share their passion for reading and they campaigned for a library in the community of Lindelani.

 “Given the fact that the municipality responded really fast, we’ll settle for the temporary library for now. Once that is up and running, we can see about getting something more permanent.”

The “One book, one child” campaign started in October 2017 after Mahlaba joined an Activator program to distribute books to underprivileged communities. By November 2017, Mahlaba and his team were already holding dialogues and arranging a peace walk in a quest to get the attention of the local municipality. When these attempts seemed futile, these young people and their councilor took to the municipality’s social media streets and established a presence that could not be ignored.

It is this spirit of bravado that made the local municipality of Kwamashu pay attention. That is why in February 2018, just four months after the cause to encourage reading, the community of Lindelani Kwamashu is getting a temporary library built right at the center of their community.

The youth of Lindelani deserves much praise for their efforts and dedication. It is they, who founded the Lindelani Youth Forum as a Lindelani youth development division which runs various sustainability community developmental programs. LYF is an organization recognized as a youth organization. This team of young, enthusiastic, creative and dynamic professionals with a stream of innovative ideas is based in Lindelani.

The Lindelani Youth Forum (LYF) provides open development which tribute from situational analysis of Lindelani community needs. LYF is a community programme due to perform income generating projects and skills development activities in numerous sectors and industries that include but not limited to; Arts and Culture, Sports & Recreation, Social development, Health and Education & Careers for which are projects of youth involving activities. LYF was conserved in July 2015 and the registration was only completed in 2016.



ACTIVATE! is a network of young leaders equipped to drive change for the public good across South Africa. Connecting youth who have the skills, sense of self and spark to address tough challenges and initiate innovative and creative solutions that can reshape our society.

For more information on “One book, one child” contact:

Melusi Mhlaba: 062 006 8767

On social media:

Twitter: @ActivateZA

Facebook: ACTIVATE! Change Drivers


Instagram: Activate_za
















Activator Ashraf Kenny cycles for clean drinking water in Mali


16 January 2018

Re: Activator Ashraf Kenny cycles for clean drinking water in Mali

Young and taking charge!! Activator and community activist Ashraf Kenny with 21 Friends in collaboration with the Islamic Relief Worldwide NGO,will take on a 200 km cycling challenge through Andalusia, Spain to raise funds for the relief of the water scarcity conundrum in four areas of Mali. The cycling challenge takes place between the 17 – 20th January 2018 and aims to raise a total of R50000.00 which will provide water for 4800 people in dire need of clean water.

“Living in areas where there has never been a working water supply; the residents are exposed to drinking water from rivers that are a long walk away from home. These are the same rivers where they also go to wash and do their laundry. It is of dire importance that help should come now! While this is the reality in many countries across the world, the ripples of change have to start with a single droplet.”


  1. Click on this crowd funding link to make your financial contribution:
  2. Deposit or transfer your contribution into the Islamic Relief South Africa bank account. Account Details are as follows:

Account Holder: Islamic Relief SA

Bank: Standard Bank

Account Number: 005318459

Branch: Fordsburg Branch

Branch Code: 005205

Reference: Ashraf & Contct Number (e.g. Ashraf 0712345678)

  1. Visit the Islamic Relief South Africa offices at 396 Imam Haron Road, Lansdowne, Cape Town. Please indicate that you are donation towards Ashraf’s Cycle for Life.
  2. Share this information with everyone within your network (all friends, family and fools) and encourage them to donate towards the initiative.

Donations can be to whatever value you can afford and can be made until the 10th of February 2018.


Notes to the Editor:


ACTIVATE! is a network of young leaders equipped to drive change for the public good across South Africa. Connecting youth who have the skills, sense of self and spark to address tough challenges and initiate innovative and creative solutions that can reshape our society.

For more information on the Cycling Initiative :

Ashraf : 0722021007


For more Information:

Ashley Roman: 071 604 3574


On social media:

Twitter: @ActivateZA

Facebook: ACTIVATE! Change Drivers


Instagram: Activate_za



Men march to fight violence against women and children #Activate16Days #NoExcuse

Men march to fight violence against women and children #Activate16Days #NoExcuse

On Sunday the 19th of November 2017, Takuwani Riime! collaborated with various stakeholders from across various sectors to organise the Men’s March aimed at encouraging men to take action against gender-based violence. The ACTIVATE! Change Drivers network had the privilege of being part of this important and historical gathering which took place in Cape Town.

The march coincided with the launch of #Activate16Days; a campaign aimed at urging Activators and young people from all corners of the country to encourage communities, and men in particular to play an active role in addressing the challenge of gender-based violence. The campaign further seeks to provoke new ideas and approaches to address the pressing challenge of gender based violence affecting communities across the country.

Research indicates that men are generally perpetrators of gender-based violence and gender injustice in society. Interestingly, men also commit acts of violence against other men, with 9.6% of men reported to having experienced sexual victimisation by another man. In this light, it must be highlighted that men exist within communities, and as such ought to be encouraged to play a meaningful role towards finding solutions to interminable challenges facing society today.

On the 18th of November 2017, ACTIVATE! Change Drivers was invited to participate in a round-table discussion at the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town. Offering her message of support to the Men’s March at the event, Minister of Women in the Presidency Susan Shabangu maintained that in an effort to end gender-based violence, society must reach to men to play a meaningful role in communities across the country. “We see men mobilising society to influence the kind of change we want to see, and we must encourage this.” she said.

 Speaking at the same event, activist and feminist Simamkele Dlakuva urged men to interrogate how society in general and men in particular define masculinity. “Men are generally portrayed as enraged and violent, but I would like to see them as loving beings” she maintained. The dominant narrative about men in society in general is largely devoid of contextual analysis of the role traditional masculinity plays in the socialisation and conditioning of men. Moreover, our acceptance of the dominant narrative without question hinders us from hearing stories of individuals, including our own stories.

The #Activate16Days campaign represents an important platform to change the narrative that is supportive of violence and provoke new approaches. Join the campaign and encourage men in your community to contribute meaningfully towards addressing gender based violence.

Upcoming events

On the 24th of November 2017, Activators in Port Elizabeth will join Amnesty International at the Nelson Mandela University for a dialogue themed “From Peace in the Home to Peace in The World: Make Education Safe For All!”

On the 25th November 2017, Activators in the Welkom in the Free State will join Black Management Forum at the BGM Gender Catalyst Seminar at Goldfields Casino Hall.

The ACTIVATE! network in Cape Town will attend the 2017 Nelson Mandela Annual Lexture to be delivered by the United Nations Deputy Secretary-General, Amina J Mohammed on the 25 November 2017.

Activators across the country will be supporting various initiatives in observance of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence from 25 November to 10 December.


Promoting education and peace beyond 16 Days of Activism


27 October 2017

RE: ACTIVATE! Promoting education and peace beyond 16 Days of Activism #Committed2Peace #YESPeace

 On the 28th October 2017, ACTIVATE! Change Drivers and Africa Unite; affiliates of the YESPeace Network will collaborate to host a peer educator workshop in Cape Town, South Africa. The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4.7 Interconnectedness, Gender and Human Rights: Youth Training Workshop will endeavour to promote quality education on gender and human rights to enhance a sense of interconnectedness as a strategy to respond to the challenge of gender based violence.

As South Africa gears itself towards observing the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence, it is important to reflect on how communities can be empowered to respond to the pressing challenge of gender injustice. The high incidence of rape cases, as well as other forms of physical and psychological abuse of women and girls and the LGBTIQA+ community in South Africa represent a profound social challenge affecting communities across the South African society. Given this, our efforts to build peaceful, interconnected and sustainable communities across the country must be cognizant of the dire need to address challenges facing the most vulnerable in society.

In light of the above stated the SDG 4.7 Interconnectedness, Gender and Human Rights: Youth Training Workshop will essentially aim to empower young leaders from in and around Cape Town with key competencies to actively contribute towards building peaceful, interconnected and sustainable communities across the Western Cape.

Participants will come from various community based and youth development organisations including the International Peace Youth Group, Social Services at City of Cape Town, the Khayelitsha Peace Building Team, Gender Works, Inclusive and Affirming Ministries and Youth Coalition to name a few.

The SDG 4.7 Interconnectedness, Gender and Human Rights: Youth Training Workshop will be arranged under the following arrangements:

Date: 28 October 2017

Venue: Africa Unite

6 Spin Street

Cape Town

Time: 09:00-16:00

The workshop is an initiative of the YESPeace Network which is a collaborative effort, led by UNESCO MGIEP, aimed at transforming education to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), especially Target 4.7.


ACTIVATE! is a network of young leaders equipped to drive change for the public good across South Africa. Connecting youth who have the skills, sense of self and spark to address tough challenges and initiate innovative and creative solutions that can reshape our society.


Facebook : Activate Change Drivers

Twitter : @ActivateZA

Instagram: @activate_za

For media related queries, please contact:

Zilungile Athenjwa Zimela

Communications/ P.R

Cell: 078 255 3378

E-mail: zilungile@localhost










Crime stats 2017 – Here are the facts via Africa Check

This week, Minister Fikile Mbalula released the crime statistics for the period 2016-2017. The fact sheet by Africa Check provides a breakdown of the main crimes of public interest. What are your thoughts?


Young women in conversation

Minister of Communications joins young women leaders in a conversation aimed opening opportunities for their representation in media

Minister of Communications, Ayanda Dlodlo has confirmed her presence and participation for the upcoming Activate! Change Drivers brunch that is going to be held on August 28th 2017 in Johannesburg. Activate! is a network that connects young people and equips them with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in their respective efforts.

The envisioned outcome of the gathering is to encourage critical partnerships between rural women and existing structures. Conversation participants will also be contributing towards the recently-launched, Activate! Radio; a podcast show that aims to capture uncensored youth opinions across the country using WhatsApp and young journalists working in remote areas.

The motivation behind the engagement is to provide young women from various rural areas throughout the country to be further empowered with the knowledge of identifying existing structures and facilities that will enable them to grow existing programmes ranging from after school homework workshops to sustainable energy initiatives that directly serve a pocket of South Africans that are perceived to be out of reach.

The representation of rural women in media will be at the heart of the conversation. The widening of representation of young women driving change in South Africa has created an evident divide between young women from urban communities versus female youth leaders who are advocating and driving change in rural communities.

The conversation with the Minister will also explore the representation of young rural women in media and how that influences the overall perception and treatments of these future community leaders.

“Access to critical support between pro-active young citizens and South Africa’s development custodians such as; Brand SA, MDDA and GCIS is important to develop and  nourish in order to ensure that youths committed to change are well-equipped to guarantee the success of their programmes and efforts,” says Nelisa Ngqulana, Media and Partnerships Manager at Activate! Change Drivers.

Throughout the years, ACTIVATE! has developed key strategic relationships with media in order  to create multiple adequate representation opportunities in the media for rural women. Through its successful and currently running partnership with Prime Media and Lead SA, the network has been able to provide multi-faceted avenues of representation and exposure for young rural female leaders.

Consisting of a network of over 2000 young leaders from both urban and rural areas, Activate! Change Drivers prioritizes emphasizing and celebrating the power of active citizenry amongst young leaders who are actively driving positive change in their communities.


About ACTIVATE! Change Drivers

 ACTIVATE! Change Drivers is a Cape Town based youth organization that is focused on developing young people in South Africa to be future leaders. The network is made up of more than 2 000 youth who are innovating in their communities. ACTIVATE! encourages active citizenry and has had many successful engagement events within the rural areas between local government and communities.







ACTIVATE! Hackathons finding solutions to gender-based violence (GBV)


RE: ACTIVATE! Hackathons finding solutions to gender-based violence (GBV)

09 August 2017

Reports of Deputy Minister of the Department of Education Mduduzi Manana physically assaulting Mandisa Duma at Cubana restaurant this past Sunday is reflective of a society that has normalised the abuse and brutalisation of women, girls and other vulnerable groups including the LGBTQIA+ community. Regardless of the identity of the perpetrator or the victim, South Africa must act to end gender-based violence. As we commemorate Women’s Day and pay homage to the women who fought tirelessly against the oppressive system of apartheid, it is incumbent upon us to stand in solidarity with the women of this country against perpetrators of gender-based violence.

In line with its strategic imperative of provoking alternative thinking and innovative ideas to address some of the most pertinent issues facing society, the ACTIVATE! Change Drivers Network has committed itself to coordinating a series of hackathons, webinars, imbizo’s and workshops throughout the country under the theme “Interconnectedness and Inclusivity”, with a pointed focus on gender-based violence as a point of departure.

ACTIVATE! Hackathons on gender-based violence represent an alternative strategy to promote multi-pronged approaches to address social challenges. An important element of ACTIVATE! Hackathons is its deliberate intention to create an enabling environment for multi-sectoral engagement and conversations aimed at exploring solutions to GBV.

To date Activators across six provinces in South Africa have collaborated with various stakeholders including the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, Africa Unite, the SRC at Nelson Mandela University, Central University of and the South African Police to host ACTIVATE! Hackathons on GBV. In this light, Activators continue to actively and meaningfully contribute towards addressing pertinent issues facing society beyond rhetoric and complaining.

On the 25th of August ACTIVATE! Change Drivers in conjunction with Africa Unite and the Institute of Justice and Reconciliation will convene an ACTIVATE! Imbizo on GBV aimed at engaging the views of social activists, thought-leaders, experts and practitioners within the sexual health and gender rights sector. The Imbizo will further seek to encourage participants to share perspectives and experiences on alternative and unconventional strategies to address the challenge of GBV in South Africa.

The widespread killings of women in South Africa bear testament to the dire need for the country to critically deliberate upon the factors influencing gender-based violence and explore the possible solutions to the challenge. Although accurate statistics are difficult to obtain for many reasons (including the fact that most incidents of GBV are not reported) it is commonly acknowledged that South Africa has particularly high rates of GBV. The 2016 Demographic and Health Survey, based on data collected from respondents in 11,083 households representative of South Africa’s 55-million population, showed that 17% of younger women aged 18 to 24 had experienced violence from a partner in the 12 months before the survey – 2.1% described this as often, and 8% as sometimes – compared to 16.7% among women 65 years old and older.

Notwithstanding progress that has been made through policy and legal interventions, gender-based violence remains a pressing social concern in South Africa. While South Africa has come to witness much fury and outrage over the prevalence of GBV in society in general, much still needs to be done to drive community driven responses to this pressing challenge.


ACTIVATE! is a network of young leaders equipped to drive change for the public good across South Africa. Connecting youth who have the skills, sense of self and spark to address tough challenges and initiate innovative and creative solutions that can reshape our society.


Facebook : Activate Change Drivers

Twitter : @ActivateZA

Instagram: @activate_za

For media related queries, please contact:

Zilungile Athenjwa Zimela

Communications/ P.R

Cell: 078 255 3378

E-mail: zilungile@localhost






Celebrating the resilience of ACTIVATE! Women

The month of August marks Women’s Month where we celebrate the women within the ACTIVATE! Change Drivers Network and how they are contributing towards positive change. By showcasing these amazing women through a photo exhibition on Instagram (Instabition) we will highlight the resilience of women Activators in their various spaces and the immeasurable contribution they make to their communities.

The ACTIVATE! Change Drivers Network hosts an array of young people with a unique perspective on the issues affecting the country. This month we have set out to highlight the ingenious efforts of women Activators. Every story has its unique identity, its own pulse and is geared towards active citizenry. With this campaign we hope to elevate the progressive leaps taken by young women everyday despite the odds, the scourge of violence and patriarchal tendencies that are alive and inherent in our society today.

What role does a young women play in developing the country? How does a young women experience a world which favours men? What would South Africa look like if it had a female president? These are just some of the questions that women in the ACTIVATE! Network will shed light on. We asked Activator Charmaine Maloba how she thinks society perceives women, she said, “I think women are perceived as secondary citizens, I can definitely see that, in every aspect of life there’s just that space where we are an afterthought, a scapegoat, a reason for a crime, etc… but somewhere in those little minds, they know her power, and that’s the reason she’s kept in her box, well God forbid if you unleashed the beast!

We asked Activator Aphelele Gumede, what would South Africa look like if it had a female president, she responded, “The Presidency or leadership is not about gender but the ability to serve ones country with integrity.”

Follow the progression of this empowering campaign on Instagram using our handle @activate_za or as we attempt to preserve the light of young women doing amazing work in a world that at the best of times tries to dim it. It is our wish to contribute towards the elevation of female voices.


ACTIVATE! is a network of young leaders equipped to drive change for the public good across South Africa. Connecting youth who have the skills, sense of self and spark to address tough challenges and initiate innovative and creative solutions that can reshape our society.


Facebook : Activate Change Drivers

Twitter : @ActivateZA

Instagram: @activate_za

For media related queries, please contact:

Zilungile Athenjwa Zimela

Communications/ P.R

Cell: 078 255 3378

E-mail: zilungile@localhost








07 July 2017

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” – Nelson Mandela.

To commemorate this year’s Mandela Day, members of the ACTIVATE! Change Drivers Network, “Activators,” from different parts of the country will be carrying out various initiatives to give back to their communities during the month of July.  These young change makers are calling out for help from the public to help make their Mandela Day and July initiatives a success.



– Siphesihle Bhengu will be painting a school on 18 July and needs paints and brushes. He will also be distributing food parcels. Contact: 061 300 7763.  

– Melusi Mhlaba will be hosting a dialogue on Youth and Volunteerism on the 20 and 21 July along with a workshop on conflict management. He needs assistance with light refreshments and branding.  Contact: 062 006 8767.

– Nomfundo Mkhaba of Door To Door Foundation needs assistance with paint and paint brushes. She will be painting Magabeni Primary School on 18 July. Contact: 076 619 4036.

– Sikhethuxolo Nxumalo from Hammarsdale will be hosting an event on 29 July to entertain and reward underprivileged children in his community. He needs financial assistance. Contact: 063 732 2287.

–  Wandiswa Dlamini, Zethu Khanyile and Nolwazi Majola will be volunteering at Wylie House, a care centre for disadvantaged girls. They would like to donate sanitary pads and cosmetics to the girls and need your help in doing so. Contact: 082 319 6144.

–  Aphelele Gumede from Mtubatuba will be hosting an event on the 21 July for physically challenged people in her community. He hopes to handover 10 Wheelchairs, 200 t-shirts and is in need of sponsorship for refreshments. Contact: 072 472 4447.

– Noluthando Thobekile Nene from Savannah Park will be hosting an event on 18 July. The event is part of an awareness campaign to improve the health status and condition of the people of Savannah Park as many of them have ill health.  She needs volunteers and assistance with refreshments. Contact:

– Nthabiseng Makoa will be hosting an awareness event on 18 July to encourage young people to commit to bringing change in the community of Kwasabisa in the Zululand Region. Makoa wishes to be sponsored with refreshments and branding. Contact: 083 725 6897.

– Afikile Tshona runs an NPO, Senzakahle and will be hosting an event called Men to Men on 22 July in Claremont to promote social cohesion among men in that area. Tshona would appreciate assistance with refreshments, banners and flyers for the event. Contact:   0780334149/0318253022.

– Nondumiso will be facilitating a mini seminar for the Durban LGBTI community on 20 July with ANOVA Health Institute (Health 4 Men project). The event will be held on Pinewood Park, Pinetown and will look at gender identity and expression. Contact 084 772 8921.

Eastern Cape

-Xolisile Malgas will be hosting a career expo in Mdantsane on 26 July. He needs financial assistance to cover transportation costs for the attendees. Contact: 074 463 1394.

– Nomfuzo Tulumane from Ngqeleni needs a donation of 22 pairs of schools shoes. She will hand these over to disadvantaged children in her community on 18 July. Contact: 060 473 8827.

– Sindile Mahambehlala, Nokonwaba Majavele, Khanya Gengqe and Nosicelo Mayekiso from Ngqeleni  will host an event on 18 July to distribute pens, sanitary towels, gardening equipment, paint, brushes and serve finger snacks. They would appreciate any form of donation. Contact: 071 967 7076.

– Sipho Gadayi from Barkly East will be giving an under resourced local high school a facelift and resources on 18 July.  He needs paint, brushes, paper, cleaning agents, office desks, office chairs, printer, photocopy machine and three desktop computers. Gadayi would appreciate any kind of assistance.  Contact: 083 352 0889.

– Muzi Nduku from Mbizana will be hosting a sport tournament / arts and culture event in his rural community. He would like to be assisted with four soccer balls, soccer kits for two teams, netball kits for seven teams as well as prizes for the winning teams. Contact: 078 748 9538.

– Abongile Davani from East London will be facilitating a reading session with Nali Bali on 18 July as a way of promoting literacy among children of school going age. Davani is currently working with seven schools in Willowvale and aims to spread his initiative to the greater Eastern Cape. She needs assistance with refreshments and transportation. Contact: 072 141 1383.

– Ntombizine Mfundisi  from Mqanduli will be distributing sanitary towels to school children on the 18 July. She needs 200 packs of sanitary towels.  Contact: 078 002 8941.

– Khanyisa Mabece and Likhona Peter from Alice need assistance with branding and bottled water for about 80 people as they will be convening a dialogue at the Fort Hare University on 21 July. The dialogue will be on abduction of young girls, women abuse and transformation in institutions of higher learning. Contact: 072 867 5980.

-Siya Jonas will be hosting a fun day,  ‘Fun 4 Kids’, for orphaned children in Mandela Bay on 31 July at Limekhaya High School and Ilinge Primary School. In addition to entertaining the orphaned children, the event seeks to make them feel safe in a world that devalues and harms children on a daily basis. Furthermore, Jonas aims to mentor the children and empower them with life skills to cope with the challenges of life. Jonas needs assistance with food parcels and clothing to donate to the children. Contact: 073 431 8152.

– Makhi Nobhozoyi will be hosting an event at an old age home in Zwide Township on 18 July. At the event, he will be planting a vegetable garden and giving a motivational talk. Nobhozoyi would appreciate any kind of support. Contact: 073 789 1961.

-Zenande Mthwezi and Khanya will be hosting a sporting event on 21 July in Milton Mbekela High School in Qunu. At the event, motivational speakers will be encouraging young people to be active citizens throughout the year, and not wait for Mandela Day to give back. Mthwezi and Khanye need refreshments for the event attendees. Contact: 073 736 5323.

Western Cape

– Silindile Ncube from Cape Town will be having a 67 minutes cleanup on 18 July in Durbanville. Ncube needs additional hands to help with the cleaning.  Contact: 072 447 6787


–  Shanon Tabane has been selected for a leadership program and needs R70000 to be able to attend it. Contact: 076 938 9891


– Monica Thulisile Bhuda will be hosting a career exhibition on 08 July in Kwaggafontein, KwaNdebele. Bhuda’s aim is to help matric students in that area to make informed decisions regarding the careers they wish to pursue upon completing their secondary studies. Contact: 073 388 1148.

For the rest of the year, the Activators will continue to lead various dialogues, community based engagements and projects of public benefit to speak about the pertinent issues that plague the youth of South Africa. Activators are #CommittedToChange by being mobile vehicles of change that stop at nothing to see transformation realised.

The #CommittedToChange campaign seeks to encourage young people to continuously take small but meaningful steps every day as their contribution towards the strengthening of a nation whose foundation has been shaken over the years. The campaign seeks to reach those in marginalized spaces, the differently abled and the excluded in the daily existence of inclusivity and freedom.  Through these events and initiatives the Activators are answering to that call every day.



ACTIVATE! Change Drivers is a network of 2000 young change makers or “Activators” across South Africa who are finding innovative ways to transform their communities and the country as a whole. The Network connects these young people and equips them with necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in their respective efforts.

Issued by ACTIVATE! Change Drivers. For more information please visit

For media related queries, please contact:

Zilungile Zimela

Communications/PR : ACTIVATE! Change Drivers

Email:  (cc: communications@localhost)

Cell: 078 255 3378


ACTIVATE! has launched a groundbreaking campaign titled Future Now SA as a platform for young people to add their voice to the future of South Africa and create their future now.

Over the past 10 years, the youth space in South Africa has predominantly been claimed by political interests. Following the 2014 elections, there is a unique opportunity for young people in civil society to reclaim this space from the political realm and highlight and address the issues that directly affect youth.

The #FUTURENOWSA campaign aims to develop a roadmap of actionable, game-changing mechanisms to aid the National Development Plan in supporting the youth of South Africa.

“The National Development Plan has very few ideas that directly address some of the pressing issues young South Africans are facing now. For the most part, it conceptualises young people as a potential destabilising force – a “ticking time bomb” – and specifies ways to protect against this potential threat rather than to proactively harness it as a positive stabilising force,” says Nelisa Ngqulana, Communications Officer at ACTIVATE!.

“It is imperative that young South Africans – the majority of the country’s population – recognise the extent to which their interests are not being addressed adequately, particularly in the absence of a strong non-partisan youth voice.”

The campaign – which invites all youth to submit their game-changing ideas for a better future – will culminate in the delivery of a 10-point action plan for youth that will be submitted to the National Planning Commission in October. 

The ten point action plan will focus on:

  • Game-changing, implementable, ideas that can dramatically shift the landscape for young people;
  • Specific actions that young people, government and civil society can take in the short-term;
  • New insight into the role young South Africans are playing.

“This is an exciting time for the youth. As we saw in the 2014 elections, their role in politics is being realised. Unfortunately, there has not been a strong enough youth movement to set the agenda. ACTIVATE! Change Drivers are aiming to change that. #FUTURENOWSA is only one of our initiatives, but it brings the youth one step closer to being a force to be reckoned with.”

The campaign is being driven online via its website, Facebook Page ‘Future Now SA’, on Twitter via the hashtag #FutureNowSA. Youth are invited to contribute to the campaign and can submit their ideas on the website or via USSD by dialling *120*4215#.

For more information, visit the Future Now SA website

Activator Makes The News

Roxanne chatted to The Big Issue about how celebrating the children’s birthdays is about not making them feel abandoned. She credits the ACTIVATE! network has helped her reflect on herself and refine her strategy. You can read the article here