Aug 22

Shaiyah’s Super Power is Financial Wisdom

Name: Shaiyah Luthuli Province: KwaZulu Natal Facebook: Shaiyah Eshet Yahav (Vegan Ekasi is my page) Twitter handle: @queen_shaiyah (@veganekasi) Instagram: @queen_shaiyah (@veganekasi)   What is the essence of being a woman to you? A woman is a life giver in all aspects. We bring life and order in everything we touch. Without women, there is …

Aug 21

Courage is Khutso Mmethi’s Super Power

Name: Khutso Mmethi Province: Limpopo Facebook: Khutso Kattitude Mmethi Instagram:@Kaytitude   What is the essence of being a woman to you? Being of great articulate character. Standing bold and brave for being human before everything. What is your super power? My sense of possessing courage to the next person What words would you use to …

Aug 21

Gabaiphiwe Makgaka’s Super Power Is Her Voice

Name: Gabaiphiwe Makgaka Province: North West Facebook: Gabaiphiwe Makgaka Twitter handle: @soulsista63 Instagram:@abaphiwemotha   What is the essence of being a woman to you? The essence of being a woman, is being a woman, a mother of the nation, being able to nurture your fruits to full bloom. What is your super power? My super …

Aug 21

The woman I met yesterday

By: Gladys Nomvuyo Sebeko LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THE WOMAN I MET YESTERDAY She had a smile of a queen and the breath of a princess Her face was like an ocean with hair like the sunset Her body so perfect like the clear blue sky LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THE WOMAN I …

Aug 18

Well since it is August, care for a female president? No!!

By Kay-Dee Mashile Happy women’s month to all the ladies of South Africa! This month is not only to commemorate the women who made it possible for today’s women to have voices that are loud enough to write articles such as this, but to also acknowledge the women who fight oppression and suppression on a …

Aug 17

The commodification of youth unemployment

By Action Setaka In many platforms where I am invited to speak on socio-economic issues, I always argue that we live in a money-orientated world. “Our poverty, miseries, traumas and even simple acts of kindness are converted into business for making money. If plans to make money are not found out of any of our …

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