Facilitator Nqaba on Bush Radio

Activators on Talk Radio 702

Activators on Vibe FM

Lindi Makhoba on SAFM May 2014

Nelisa on Power FM

Nelisa was on Power FM talking about social innovation with Azania.

Lezerine on SA FM

Facilitator Lezerine was on SA FM being highlighted as a Mover and Shaker. Listen to her story.

ACTIVATE! Showcase in the media

Listen to reflections from ACTIVATE! CEO, Chris and Activators, Mpho and Kopano on innovation and the power of the network. The 2014 Innovation. Showcase is a celebration of what the network has done so far and inspiring possibilities for the rest of the year.

Injairu Kulundu on Bush Radio

Lerato Mahoyi on SAFM


Lerato Mahoyi and Activator Lesego Ndala were interviewed on Power FM about the network and the 2nd year event that took place in August 2013.

Janet Jobson on SAFM

Janet Jobson the Portfolio Manager of the DG Murray Trust’s Leadership for a Winning Nation portfolio, was on SAFM talking about ACTIVATE! And what the network is trying to achieve in South Africa.

Terence on SAFM talking about the supplement

Our facilitator Terence was on SAFM talking about the Sunday Times supplement “Journey of a Change Driver”. Have a listen and if you haven’t read it, go have a read.

Africa’s Greatest Entrepreneurs

Activator Calvin has embarked on a project to document African entrepreneurs. He explains the reasons behind the project and why he feels that it is necessary.

Africa’s Greatest Entrepreneur is a documentary series that comprises of profiles and in depth interviews with some of Africa’s greatest entrepreneurs. These are entrepreneurs who have emerged across Africa from different backgrounds. The purpose of this documentary is to highlight how Africa is able to produce influential entrepreneurs.

For the first time ever these inspirational true stories are captured in one single documentary, we aim to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and truly embrace our own African Entrepreneurs and what they have to share with the World.

Africa has always celebrated Western entrepreneurs and looked up to them for inspiration; the time has come for Africa to celebrate Africans.  With all the challenges that our continent is facing there have been few people who were able to rise above this challenges. These individuals, we feel, need to celebrated and embraced for their success. We also believe that it is important for them to share their knowledge about their philosophies and world views.Our aim is to create a documentary that will inspire a continent.

To get hold of Calvin you can email him makhubela.ct@gmail.com or you can follow him on Twitter @Calvinmakhubela.

Mhlanganisi on JoziFM

Activator Mhlanganisi was on JoziFM to talk about the Joburg Exchange which was held on the 11th of June 2013.

Activators Koketso and Pearl on SAFM

Activators Koketso and Pearl were on SAFM talking about the upcoming Joburg Exchange. 

Mhlanganisi on SAFM

Activator Mhlanganisi was on SAFM to talk about the National Youth Engagement on the National Development Plan is trying to achieve.

Mocha Panda Movement

Activator Kanyisa Booi started a youth movement called Mocha Panda. She explains what the movement is all about and what its goals are.

Mocha Panda (Youth Forward) is a sturdy show of solidarity amongst youth. Activators will conduct jam sessions throughout South Africa. Symbolically this will be carried out the Youth Month (June) up to Mandela day (18 July) marked by a 67 minute peaceful ‘Youth Attest’ walk to the Union Building. Information gathered in these jam sessions(dialogues) will be compiled into an Interactive Research, Study and Findings for Youth Development this to be handed on completion to Ministry of Performance and Evaluation Collins Chabane on the 18th of July. This will be a valuable contribution in devising an effective integrated Youth Strategy. With the South African Youth Policy being reviewed in 2014, Mocha Panda (Youth Forward) will be carving the way to a meaningful discussion document.

To stay in touch with Mocha Panda you can join the Facebook Group and follow us on Twitter.


Literary Nigerian treasure, Ben Okri, has called on South Africans to find innovative ways to heal the wounds. At his speech (click to hear podcast) at the Steve Biko memorial lecture event last year, he said that for most of his life it seemed unthinkable that Apartheid would ever end. “It seemed like an unalterable fact, like fate, or the moon, or hunger.” He described apartheid as a long, nightmare-laden sleep, and the democratic era as a new day.

“With awakening, a new question is posed. The nightmare is over, but what do we do with the day?” People go about healing in different ways, he said. For some, healing is “probing the wounds, seeking causes and redress”. For others, “healing is dreaming…a chance to transform themselves out of all that trauma”.

And in that process, the youth are a vital ingredient to be tomorrow’s leaders who are looking forward.