The five objectivesActivate! Change Drivers recognises that there are many young South Africans who are talented, motivated and committed to transforming their communities. ACTIVATE! believes that if we can connect theses young people to one another and to points of influence and opportunity, we can reach a critical mass of action that can positively develop and drive public innovation at a national level.

Activators come together across social and economic of South African society. Many come from marginalized communities in both rural and urban area; most have started their own community initiatives; some are emerging entrepreneurs, some work for non-government organisations or the private sector, some are university students or graduates and increasingly more and more are engaged with local and other government institutions and agencies.

They are selected on the basis of their proven commitment to taking on tough social challenges and /or creating opportunities within their spheres of influence and concern.

Activators are building an alternative future through individual small actions and increasingly as network of youth activators. We believe that, through their individual and collective actions, the alternative future that they aspire to will become inevitable.

Activate! Change Drivers

The Activate! Change Drivers residential sessions provide a unique opportunity for young South Africans who are passionate about their lives and the lives of others to come together and meet each other. This simple act of young people connecting with other young people across the poles of South African society is hugely motivating. Activators consistently say that that they no longer feel isolated and alone.

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Connect, Inspire, Provoke and Influence (CIPI)

Everyday, members of this 2000-plus network are actively involved in positive change across the country and, in some cases, even beyond our borders. The CIPI team works tirelessly and travels great distances to keep Activators in touch with each other; to keep them inspired and connected. The programme is agile and the team, which consists of the communications department and sector co-ordinators, is responsive to what is already happening in the Network.

Community Development Certificate Course

Many Activators are effectively community development workers yet few have a formal qualification. The ACTIVATE! Community Development Certificate course is accredited by the SAQA and is a nationally recognised post matric / tertiary qualification.

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Closed for 2017.