The ACD Programme seeks to connect & equip young leaders already active and committed to the public good, with a toolkit for social change. In an environment that nurtures social, economic and political forces for community development, this is our entry-tier course that helps participants take their leadership skills to the next level.

What will I learn?

  • Enter an environment in which impactful social, economic and political forces can emerge.
  • Enable yourself with a toolkit for social change.
  • Be equipped with specific skills and resources to take your leadership capabilities to the next level.
  • Connect with other leaders to explore new opportunities and inspire one another.
  • Provoke meaningful dialogue & action and influence the spaces around you.
  • Deepen your socio-political understanding, as you explore non-violent strategies for justice.
  • Explore our natural potential for ingenuity as you engage with relevant examples and case studies in Africa.
  • Unpack other hot topics, while you re-imaging the work you’re already involved in and asses your own impact and reach within your community.

Who is this for?

Do you have a strong sense of activism? Are you passionate about driving change in our beautiful country, wanting to see new solutions emerge?

Are you already actively involved in an NGO/NPO or are you a volunteer? Or maybe you’re running a social upliftment project or campaign, or someone who engages community/ward/local government regularly around issues of social change and justice?

Do you want to explore the depth of your own strength and firm up your willingness to achieve your goals (both personal, and for your communities)?

Does connecting with like-minded, young people sound like the right network for you?

If this applies to you, you’re a perfect candidate to become an Activator in the ACD programme.

Am I eligible for this course?

In order to apply to be an Activator in our ACD programme, you’ll need to meet the following criteria as far as possible:

  • Be a South Africa resident or be legally permitted to be in SA
  • Have a Grade 12 certificate (those without this qualification may still apply and have their remaining profile reviewed)
  • Be between the ages of 20 and 30 (applicants need to be 29 years of age at the time of their application)

How long does the course run for?

Our ACD programme deserves your full attention so it is a residential course.

It is conducted in two 8-day modules, offered at training venues across the country. Attendees are expected to arrive at the training venues on Saturday, and depart on the following Saturday morning.

Participants will attend the first module in the first half of the year – the second module begins around July/August.

How much does the course cost?

Knowledge is priceless.

Personal development that leads to community development is invaluable. That’s why our residential training programme is free of charge to participants. We also cover all travel- and accommodation-related costs.

However, attendees who violate the programme’s terms and conditions may be liable for certain costs.

Can I complete the course part-time?

Commitment is crucial to be a catalyst for change.

Joining the ACD programmes means you commit to attending ALL the residential sessions, and that you will complete the home tasks.

If you’re currently engaged in full-time employment or studies, you can negotiate with your supervisor or lecturers for time off to attend all sessions. Attending the programme may even be considered study leave.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that courses will fall directly into university holidays.

The dates for 2020 are as follows:


Module 1:

Intake 1: 28 March – 4 April 2020
Intake 2: 25 April – 2 May 2020
Intake 3: 23 – 30 May 2020
Intake 4: 20 – 27 June 2020

Module 2:

Intake 1: 22 – 29 August 2020
Intake 2: 19 – 26 September 2020
Intake 3: 17 – 24 October 2020
Intake 4: 14 – 21 November 2020