Johannesburg, Gauteng
Activator: Jesse Maart

Jesse Maart is a determined, eager and curious person, willing to learn new ways of thinking and to apply them in his life. “I am a leader in my community. I am a dedicated development sports coach and I run my own entertainment management company called ‘Kramp Vibez Factory’”.

Maart was curious about the programme, so he decided to join the ACTIVATE! Network. “I saw an opportunity for change and enlightenment in my thinking and my lifestyle,” he said.

“I was inspired to be more involved in my community, to become a better leader and to influence the youth more positively.

As a Leader, I serve my community both individually as well as collaboratively, through a combination of art and sports programmes, aimed at fostering participation in, and encouraging an appreciation for sports like rugby and the arts. Working with children as young as six years old and playing in the position of Captain has made me a known figure on both the rugby and the arts scenes, as the youngsters look up to me, and they are influenced by the skills that I impart to them. This comes with the responsibility of ensuring that I keep to my commitments and lead by example. Any transgression on my part will reflect negatively, not only on the teams or organisations that I represent, but more importantly, on my personal ethos and the values I try to maintain.

“Being in the media locally has enabled me to seek out better prospects for the programmes I am part of, as well as for my own personal development. Through rigorous leadership, I am actively building a brand around my own identity, which my admirers, my followers and the future leaders can look up to.” Maart goes on to say that the change that he notices from the children is how encouraged they are by his willingness to help them realise their dreams.

Some of the organisations he is associated with are: the Eldoronians Rugby Club, where he is a community coach and a captain, the Eldos Arts and Jazz Foundation, where he does mentoring, and is a co-ordinator and as a facilitator at the National Youth Services.

“It is-life changing. I am now even more confident with decision-making. As a recovering drug addict I am no longer ashamed of my past as growth happens every second.”

For his plans, Maart says, “I am in the process of registering an organisation where sport will be a catalyst. It will be aimed at introducing life skills and teaching values such as Integrity, Respect, Solidarity, Discipline and Compassion through sports activities. Already being a coach has up-skilled me to work better with the children. The organisation will be called the Play Your Part (PYP) Foundation. Furthermore,

I plan on working on my business and to continuously focus on becoming a better leader, business owner and life coach.