Political Force

82% of the A! Network voted in previous election, well above the 59% national average who voted in 2014 (IEC, 2014)

15% of the Network do not agree that voting is part and parcel of citizenship duties (though below the 21% national average IEC, 2015)




Party Membership

53% have demonstrated before, more than the 15% national average

70% have signed a petition before, more than the 15% national average who have done so

Political Engagement

70% have contacted a politician about community issues more than the national rate of 13%


Entry level and administrative skills dominate the A! Network

Unemployment rate of the A! Network is at 24% which is less than the 34.8% national youth cohort average and national 27.7%

Income is closely related to location (high incomes in urban and low incomes in rural areas)


6% of the A! Network earns over 16 times the UPL

38% are running their own business, with 70% of them employing others

Social Engagement

56% are volunteering part-time


32% are reaching more than 100 people

15% are reaching more than 500 people

91% of Activators have run more than 1 campaign in the past year


Activators are volunteering via

86% do not receive compensation

Number of volunteers has increased by 24% from 2016

Running NGOs

Top ways NGOs are being funded


The campaign was run via

Beauty and the Beast

Giving a smart, Math & Science, disadvantaged matric pupil a chance to have a matric dance of their dream and possibly securing employment in the motor industry as an Apprentice should they be keen to work in the Motor Industry

The African Boy Child Initiative

Develop programmes aimed at addressing the structural determinants of the condition of the boy child in South Africa

People first

Awareness of how people around my area lives and the effect of Electricity and Water payments that is being charged on a high rates

Engaging with young people